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Holy Cross College - Report Writing with DEER

Learning to use the DEER (Data Entry Engine for Reports) online reporting system

Adam Taylor

on 20 September 2011

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Transcript of Holy Cross College - Report Writing with DEER

How to log on Where can I find it? Can I access it at home? After you have logged on... Entering Data The checking process What is my username and password? The reporting system can be accessed from home if you create a VPN connection.

Instructions for this are available from the
Staff Handbook.

Unfortunately, you are on you own here, as
the College can't support your home setup. The reporting system is an online tool that can be found at the address http://home/reports
You will also find Reports as a link on the online Centurian This presentation will explain to you
how to access the online reporting
system Enter your username and password in the logon dialog
box. Use your regular username and password
that you use to log on to the school network. Select Write | Interim Reports Then Select the class you wish
to report on
from the drop down menu Make sure you tick off
each completed report Enter data by selecting
from the drop down boxes You can use numbers
1-4 and the TAB key
for quick entry Heads of Dept have
extra menu items Heads of Department need to
check off each completed report
as a quality conrtol measure.
This task can be delegated by
arrangement. Data
(DEER) The 'Write' options will differ depending on the Reporting Period Hello Hello boys
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