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Modal verbs

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Inti Cgfsfgsfgfsh

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Modal verbs

Modal Verbs Must /can / should / may / could Modal Verbs Can Must May Could Should Uses: Requests Advices Permission Ability Prohibition Must / mustn't Requests Obligation Permission Ability / Requests / Asking for, giving and refusing permission Can She can run incredibly fast Can I go to the bathroom? Some words that can help you... Hospital Beach Mustn't Litter can swim sunbathe run play must must can't silent be smoke shout mustn't Can you tell me what time is it, please? Request Could Could you do me a favor, please? Permission (more formal than can) May Teacher, may I come in? Prohibition / Obligation Must You must stop at a red light Advices Should You should stop drinking alcohol Advice You shouldn't watch so much tv Could you give your number, please? Request Ability I can speak Japanese Asking for permission Can I smoke here ? I must pay my bills Obligation You mustn't take photos in a museum Prohibition You have to indicate what are the uses of the following sentences.Write them in your notebook. Then compare your answer with your classmate.
For example:
You should see a doctor

Answer: Advice Activity n°1 In pairs you have to select one of these two places:
Beach Hospital Activity n°2 Then write a list of 5 things you can/ can't, must/ mustn't or should/ shouldn't do in the place you selected.
For example:
In the school, I mustn't be late for class. read book respectful doctors You must look at the different sentences in the board and raise the card with the modal verb that you think is missing in the sentence.
For example:

I _________cook. It's too difficult for me. Activity n°3 CAN'T must The doctor told me I _______ stay in bed 1 could _______ you help me with my homework, please? 2 can Tim is only 12 years old but he ________ speak English and French very well. 3 You _________ eat a lot of sweets. It's bad for you! 4 shouldn't may Teacher, __________ I borrow a pen, please? 5 Can (giving permission) Of course, you _______ go to the bathroom. mustn't You ___________ smoke inside the school. mustn't 6 should To be honest, I don't think you _________ move to Paris. 7 Can (ability) ________ you play the piano? 8 could ________ I use your computer to send an email, please? 9 can't This test is very difficult; I __________ answer any question. 10 must All employees _________ be on time for work. 11 may Teacher, _________ we leave now? 12 should It's raining you _________ take an umbrella. 13
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