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No description

kim Rivera

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of QUIZLET

1) quizlet.com
2)sign up *same user name and password*
3) Click "create "
4) Now you are able to make your own set
5) Click "create set"
6)Your set has been created and now you are able to use your digital flashcards. (study, games, tools)
- OR -
You can search for a related topic.
By: Kim and Megan
Talk About...
What is Quizlet?
How to use Quizlet?
How is Quizlet helpful?
What is Quizlet?
A very useful online memorization tool.
Digital flashcards for every subject imaginable.
Create your own set of cards for any subject to study from.
How to use Quizlet.
How Is Quizlet helpful?
You won't loose your flash cards.
You can download the app on your phone to take it on the go.
You can play games to help you study.
You can do a practice test so you can be more prepared.
There is an audio for all the listener learners.
Using Quizlet, it will help you be more prepared for a test then ever before.
1. Sign-up
2/3.Create a set of cards.
4. Make your own set.
5. Click create set.
6. Study, Games. or Tools
Quizlet was helpful to me because...
It helped me be prepared for my tests and quizzes, especially my final exam. It was also easy for me to keep track of my flashcards because you can just add on to the set you have created. The games helped me memorize and understand the terms in a fun and easy way. I also liked how I didn't have to have a computer with me to study because I can just go on the app on my phone to study. Overall this website has helped me to achieve the best to my abilities to receive the grade I deserve. -Kim
Quizlet was helpful to me because...
I found quizlet very helpful for me because I found it more helpful then making acual flash cards and just reading off my loptop because I tend to get distracted. Also the games and tests quizlet got me to interact with the information and it was another way the stuff into my brain. Also when finals came i found it so much easier to add the information to my set because I just have to copy and paste everything and it will all be in one place and i could easily study the card then test myself and see do i know enough of the data to pass my exam? By using this website i notice a big improvement in my grades.
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