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OST: Micromedia board grid 2017+

No description

Bruce Norton

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of OST: Micromedia board grid 2017+

OST: Micromedia grid 2017+
comparing grids
grid flow chart
what were we thinking?
In revising the grid, the program committee had four key aims in mind:
1. reflects the current expectations of the industry
2. optimizes collaboration across its disciplines
3. promotes the integration of learning
4. incorporates authentic learning situations

comments / discussion?
brief timeline
Program Evaluation (2012-2015)
worked with Isabelle Delisle & Patti Kingsmill to redo our grid of courses
met with the department, representatives from French, Psychology & Business Admin
approved by the Program Committee
recommended by the Academic Steering Council
seeking your approval / recommendation of our revised grid today
the process
from KPI, surveys, advisory sessions, committee meetings and a lot of anecdotal feedback...
we reinterpreted competencies in light of industry standards & expectations
we mapped competencies according to learning categories
we privileged integrated learning across disciplines where possible
we simplified course names to make progression and relationships of courses easier to understand
we think our course names will reinforce what it is we do in our department, something that is not always apparent to others
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