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Nicolas G Animals of the rain forest

No description


on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Nicolas G Animals of the rain forest

Animals of The Rain Forest
Nicolas 3rd grade

The Ocelot is a carnivore so he eats bunnies,pigs,deers and more small to medium mammals. Its only predator is the human. But some ocelolts fight a lot.
Physical Description
The ocelot is 2-3 ft (120 cm). It has white spots with black around them and its color its yellow. Its surface covering is only lots of fur. A unusual characteristic is that there very sneaky.
Interesting Facts
Ocelots use camouflage to hide from humans.
The Ocelot doesn't have any predator, that means he doesn't have a animal that eats him. His The top of the food chain.
The ocelot lives in the under story and in the forest floor but he mostly lives in the forest floor he goes to the under story to hunt or to hide. The ocelot is a consumer becauce he eats small to medium mammals.
Ms. Prescilla
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