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No description

Medical Development Team

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Quality

Aligning quality to your wider business strategy: getting more without settling for less
Lots of CYPs!
High quality services
Defining our operational model
Managing the business
Reaching out
Delivering highest quality service
The modus operandi of strategic planning, governance and control, human resources and financial management
Managing the message to market, encouraging partners, securing support from stakeholders and policy owners.
Across all the delivery channels - outreach, franchise, clinical care, and central office
Competing demands!!
How to manage enormous growth without cutting corners on quality?
How to maintain the quality brand while scaling up at pace?
How to manage expectations??
How to identify lurking risks??
I don't care about your targets and CYPs, I just want a quality service for the people of this country!
Ok... but you have to remain within your budget!
Don't forget the minimum standards!!
Integrated decision-makers
No single function or department can operate to required standards and quality in isolation!
What are the controls to put in place to manage the risks and challenges?
Continue at pace!
Continue with caution
Clinical Quality Lead
Country Director
Provide the services we wants, when we want!
Exceed your targets!
I want access to safe services + products!
100,000,000 CYPs!!

No ONE solution fits all
Clinical incidents
Product stock outs
Poor quality of commodities
Poor client experience
Inadequately trained of staff
Poor clinical governance
Loss of contract with Ministry of Health
Decrease in donor funding
Increase in donor monitoring
Loss of reputation
Programme deficit
Decreasing CYP's
Loss of brand
Poor Quality
Failure to maintain standards
Inadequate audit systems
Good quality =
good reputation +
increase of business +
increase of CYP's
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