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HIV/AIDS consequence map

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Varshini Sridhar

on 14 June 2016

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Transcript of HIV/AIDS consequence map

HIV/AIDS Consequence map
Antiretroviral therapies
AIDS - Accquired immundeficiency syndrome
Caused by virus called Human Immune deficiancy virus (HIV)
Exposes people to infections and diseases and found in the body fluids of an infected person
Causes the immune system to stop working and break down
No cure so far
development of infection leads to death
medication very expensive
34 million people living with aids worldwide
AIDS is associated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science and many host AIDS research seminars and workshops
A vaccine is a medicine that teaches the body’s immune system to recognize and protect against a disease caused by an infectious agent, such as a bacterium or a virus
consists of at least three antiviral (ARV) drugs to maximally restrain the HIV virus and stop the progression of HIV disease
be safe for use in children, adolescents, and adults, including pregnant women
be effective regardless of the ethnicity or the nutritional and health status of the target population; protect individuals against all subtypes of HIV
Provide long lasting protection
Stops virus growth
Helps to supress the HIV virus
Avoid unsafe sex
HIV epidemic in ON
Injection drug use is the main category of HIV exposure for Aboriginal people
57% of HIV-infected people in Ontario
Men who have sex with men= 59.5%
Injection drug user=7.7%
Men who have sex with men and are injection drug users = 51.5 %
People from Africa and the Caribbean = 29%
People who have sex exclusively with those of the opposite sex = 17 %
Prevention Strategies
Government provides free condoms
Prevention Programs
nominal and anonymous HIV testing
Discuss problem with UN
FIFE house
charitable organization to provide housing for individuals when they became unable to cope
established in 1988 and opened the first house in 1990
served 490 people living with HIV/AIDS during the 2008/2009 including 173 people in their residential housing programs and 317 people through the Homeless Outreach Program
Two main funding sources= government and the Local Health Integration Network
67% in 8 years
Increase of
Countries affected by AIDS
Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe
10-50 % in 2011
majority of countries using medications, their life expectancy has dropped, many relying on government for support.
affected by factors such as poverty, economy, health care, employment and climate etc
Less impacted areas of the world
clean environments
good health care
high employment rates
good incomes
well educated people
rich country
Countries and organizations are working to cause a decline in HIV/AID cases
Governments are trying to raise awareness through initiatives by encouraging protected sex
demand for better health care system
number of health care workers
making laws to get people tested
Different groups of people get affected by contamination of blood, food, contagious or hereditary
different medications may cause side effects
creates effect on health
doctor visits
cuts or blood outside body
hard work to pay of medication bills
Cultures may see it as a punishment for something that the person did in the afterlife or a punishment for committing a sin
People from the countries that are most infected have now had a stigma placed on them
AIDS education in Ontario
Education on HIV is implemented in the Ontario Curriculum because of increasing case numbers of the disease
education on HIV starts in gr 8 and focuses on unprotected sex and use of drugs
Social divide between those who have the virus and those who don’t
fear of contracting the disease through interaction
being judged
many problems
family,friends, school and work
horrific tragedy knowing that you cannot be cured
students raising awareness
donate money to organizations
Strategies supported by UN
gives out condoms to help prevent AIDS or STD’s promoting a safer and cleaner environment
World AIDS day
December 1st every year
Short term and long term effects
Short term effect results in your immune system (especially your CD4 positive T cells). This causes the individual to be more venerable to a whole new variety of infections that a normal healthy immune system can easily fight off.
Long term effects lead to death
Health Care
$ 2 billion/year in
Lost economic production
is 1.5 billion
Education lowered rate of HIV infections, AIDS diagnoses, and AIDS deaths in Canada.
There were 25% fewer HIV-positive tests in Canada in 1999 than in 1995, 80% fewer AIDS cases, and 92% fewer AIDS deaths.
New AIDS cases in Canada in 1999 dropped to 325, the lowest level since 1984.
+ population attracts AIDS, the less the economy the more the job opportunities
Job rates go off higher if perople start dying =HIV (increased mortality rate)
Saving investments for family will be reduced due to AIDS treatment; health and education will suffer
Labor supply will get slowed down on economic stability
Reduces human availability of human capital
Living with AIDS-will not be able to work, and will require medical care
Collapses communities with AIDS population
Age profile will increase
Weakens taxable populations
Reduces resources for public such as health care, education--> will result in slower growth of economy
Savings and investments will be reduced
Cities will have more infected people, and wider sexual networks, increasing the chance of infection for those looking for work or trying to rejoin their families
Migration either movement to urban from rural areas or displacement due to natural disasters or food shortages is linked to both HIV/AIDS and environmental impacts.
When rural families leave, or are no longer able to work the fields, land becomes even more degraded and unproductive.
And other diseases will gradually occur
help create awareness of AIDS pandemic caused by the HIV infection being spread through your body.
Personal Action
Have safe sex
Be careful with blood
Impacts on conservation groups
Changes in Land use
Short term
Long term
Stealing land due to death of owner
Farming practices in non eco friendly methods
Loosing time to take care of people
with AIDS
Using agricultural materials
for other purposes
Blood testing issues
Producing maximum/common goods
mandatory blood testing- forced to see if + aids problems
reducing transmission rates
being responsible
saving people's lives

hiding that you have aids
Individual rights
your partner must know that you have aids
freedom of speech or silence
confidential secrets

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