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Dona Marina

No description

Emily Blaum

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Dona Marina

Dona Marina La Malinche Aztec Research Project By Emily Blaum Early Life born Around 1505 in what was then called Coatzacoalcos her father was chief of Coatzacolcos, a nahuatl speaking region of Mexico Sold Into slavery Father died when she was still young Mother remarried and had another son Aztec laws did not protect nobility from being sold into slavery Her mother favored her son so she was sold into slavery Her mother claimed Dona Marina had died and gave her a proper funeral for a child of noble rank Dona Given as Gift Traders first sold Dona to the Tabascans She became fluent in mayan Spanish forces, led by Hernan Cortes arrived in March 1519 Mayans gave a peace offering of 20 slaves to the Spaniards Women slaves were meant to prepare food in military expeditions Cortes Accepted the 20 slaves and had them baptized to the Christian faith on March 20, 1519 When Spaniards tried to communicate with the Aztecs Marina became valuable In September of 1519 Spanish forces marched to Tenochtitlán Marina overheard from natives that they were planning a deadly attack on the spanish Dona Marina becomes valuable Marina provided valuable insight on Aztec culture A major war broke out between Aztecs and Spanish Spanish captured the Aztecs in 1521 after the capture Marina traveled with Cortes for about 2 more years around 1522 Marina had Cortes's son Named Martin after Cortes's father Cortes had a house built for them on the outskirts of Tenochtitlán in 1523 a marriage was arranged between dona Marina and Juan de Jaramillo, a wealthy ally of Cortes in 1524 Marina summoned her mother and her step brother to see Marina grown up after slavery After this meeting there are no records of Marina Her son was raised by Cortes an eventually returns to Spain with his father Other Facts Dona Marina is known to have a daughter
with Jaramillo named Marina the circumstances of her death are unkown The term "malinchista" ( LA Malinche) is a derogatory term for Mexicans who have adopted American or European customs Parts of the original house that she lived in with Cortes
still stand
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