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Website Evaluation

No description

OCCC Library

on 16 July 2014

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Transcript of Website Evaluation

Learn how to evaluate websites.
Website Evaluation
The Good, the Bad, and the
Ugly of the Internet
.com = commercial and/or for-profit organizations
.edu = education
.gov = government agencies
.int = international organizations
.mil = military
.net = network or Internet provider
.org = non-profit organization
Internet Domain Extensions
The ABC & D's of
Website Evaluation
No! It is not a credible source for an academic paper. However, it is a good resource to help you gain knowledge on the subject and find keywords and ideas to direct your research.
Is Wikipedia a good source?
OCCC Library Website for Academic Journals and Databases
Where to go for Reliable Research
Visit Us: www.occc.edu/library
Call Us: 405-682-1611 x7251
Email Us: library@occc.edu
Ask a Librarian for Assistance!
The Good
The Bad
The Ugly
Too Much Information Out There
Who is the author?
What are the author's credentials?
Does the author have expertise in the area?
Is the author associated with a reputable organization?
Is the information balanced?
Is it more opinion than fact?
Is the page a presentation of facts or designed to sway opinion?
Is a product, service, or idea being sold?
When was the page last updated?
Are any links dead?
Is the material consistent with your knowledge in the area?
Is information documented with references?
Are the facts given supported with evidence?
If statistics are provided, where are they coming from?
Is the page free of spelling mistakes or other obvious mistakes?
Academic Journals - peer reviewed or scholarly articles,
up-to-date, scientific with lot of research, narrow in scope, provides bibliography

eJournal - electronic academic journal

Databases - databases search several eJournals in one search
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