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Campus Tour

Campus Visit Presentation

WTAMU Campus Visits

on 14 August 2012

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Transcript of Campus Tour

Scholarships Life as a Buff Apply Today! Welcome
to West Texas A&M University! In the
Classroom Bottom Line The
Criteria Academics 7,500 7,900 19:1 28 50-70 colleges five education & social sciences 60 Undergraduate Degrees graduate school 41 Masters Programs
1 Doctoral Program 60 19:1 100 More Than the facts & figures Tuition & Fees $3,241 $500 $6,600 35 percent >3.5 Priority Application Date February 1st Guaranteed Scholarships 2 1 3 www.applytexas.org 1. High School Transcript
2. College Transcript
3. ACT/SAT Scores
4. Exit level TAKS
5. Bacterial Meningitis vaccination wtamu.edu/scholarship Enjoy the Tour! William H. & Joyce Attebury HONORS Program fin ncial aid www.fafsa.ed.gov a agriculture, science, & engineering business fine arts & humanities nursing & health sciences 1st Quarter: 860/18
2nd Quarter: 900/19
3rd Quarter: 940/20
4th Quarter: 980/21 Uniform Admissions 2.o gpa Bottom Line Million $$$$$$ Dates to remember! Early Action date December 1st
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