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Human Rights

A clear description of the focuses of Human Rights in Citizenship Education

SiZhe Yang

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Human Rights

HUMAN RIGHTS What are human rights? Universal? Culturally specific? Natural rights? Legal rights? Moral rights? Wish Lists? Modern human rights are often considered to have started with the UN and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Many people consider human rights from apost-WW2 perspective. Some schools choose to consider history, and the rights granted by historical leaders (example - Akbar the Great), possibly as a fast means to broaden the global-historical perspectives of students. There have been many important charters on rights, not just the UDHR. Also, there have been many pressure groups trying to change ideas of rights. Major charters have influenced human rights The UDHR does not have legal status, though it is incorporated into the legal systems of some countries. Other charters and acts around the world include ... European Convention on human rights (ECHR) The Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989)
Human Rights Act (UK - 1998) The National Curriculum lays out that human rights should be focused on and some ideas of its focus. As it is a major topic area, many schools will go into substantially more detail this with their scheme of work. Controversy & disagreement is a part of life Studies show students find controversies interesting Controversy leads to problems without ground rules. Some however consider pre-modern rights, which have a wide range of sources around the world. To link these, notable philosophers of the enlightenment helped bring previous ideas of moral rights into the idea of 'natural rights', which people have regardless of what leaders give them Narratives and Activities International Slavery Museum: This project seeks to dispel that myth that slavery is confined to history. Although outlawed in every country, it's estimated as many as 27 million across the world are enduring some form of ‘slavery’. Thank You Example of Disagreements regarding human rights: in China Maslow's Hierarchy is used as an argument against democracy - to protect the essential rights! Controversies may be useful for learning when balance is maintained, & students feel comfortable giving opinions. Teachers must consider when & how to de-personalize issues, or make students feel more personally involved with them.
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