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-Jilboobs Fashion-

No description

Prusscasia Sonata

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of -Jilboobs Fashion-

-Jilboobs Fashion-
What is Jilboobs Fashion?
Viewed from origin of the word, jilboobs consist of two pieces of words,
. So, jilboobs is veiled Muslim dress code but the clothing models showing the contour of the breast.
Three main
causes of Jilboobs
1) First time for newbies in wearing hijab,
and they don't know the correct way to
wear hijab (in syar'i)
2) By highlight the curve of the body, they
want to attract the opposite sex (male)
3) They want to look stylish, fashionable,
flexible, and dynamic

Three typical style
Jilbab Mode

Why should not wear Jilboobs?
The right way in
The Examples:
In Jilboobs
The length of veil limit only till to the upper breast. Or in other words, the veil does not cover up the bottom of breast.
Tight Clothes
In addition to the veil was not until the bottom of breast, usually the jilboobers wearing shirts or outerwear mix with tight shirts. The effects of the veil that is not up to the chest and tight dress size exposure the breasts and the curve of the waist.
Skinny Jeans
For casual style, combining the usual jilboobers tight shirt with skinny jeans or tight jeans that form the foot.
1) The jilboobers become an easy criminal target, such as sexual
harassment, bullied in social media, triggerd by ignorant hands
because this fashion lead to pornography (by showing womans
body shape). This fashion also display a negative image of user
directly or indirectly.

2) Because jilboobs fashion violate the norms of politeness, ethics,
aesthetic, and religious value (Islamic value), it can destroy Islam
and damaging the Muslimah and also gives bad example for the
next generation.
O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves [part] of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.

(QS. Al-Ahzab: 59)
Our group
Elsy Novita
Ervina Oktaviani
Grace Kolin
Marlinang Teresa
Nurul Afriza
Rachel Mia Lorenza
Santikah Heni
Sutriven Panjaitan

Presented by:
Thanks for our

Good bye, and have a nice day...
Word of Wisdom:
So, choose
When Jilboobs term appear?
Jilboobs, acronym of jilbab and boobs (chest) is becoming a popular term discussed in social media at the beginning of
August 2014
. While based on google search, Jilboobs has existed since
February 2013
So, What's the
Way of dressing Jilboobs is not close the
aurat entirely
and not in accordance with
Islamic values
The effect and the reasons
“Hai Nabi katakanlah kepada istri-istrimu, anak-anak perempuanmu, dan istri-istri orang mukmin, ‘Hendaklah mereka mengulurkan jilbabnya ke seluruh tubuh mereka.’ Yang demikian itu supaya mereka lebih mudah untuk dikenal, karena itu mereka tidak diganggu. Dan Allah adalah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha penyayang.”

(QS. Al-Ahzab: 59)
We would like to apologize if
we have offended you, and
display images that are not
obscene. Well, We are sorry
for the inconvenience too.
warm regards,
Home outfit

While at home, along with her mahram. Muslim women do not need to close the aurat with a complete outfit, because Allah allow Muslim woman mahram to see the woman's body part to the inherent limits of her jewelry.
Closing Aurat
When women are in their homes, and there are foreign men (non-mahram) that lets him look at her,
the Muslim woman must wear clothes that cover all aurat (
), added with veil (
) covering the head up limit her chest.
In public life, outside or inside the home, Muslim women should wear the hijab as a sign of her obedience to Allah SWT. This is called clothing syar'i covering the aurat or HIJAB, that is:
Added with
Equipped with
covering the head, neck, up to the chest limit
Hijab should be extended until cover the soles of feet.
are also required to used to complement hijab. To be safe when walking, no visible legs.

1. Close all members of the
body other than the
2.Thick not thin
3. Loose not tight
4. Unscented
5. Simple. Veil is not
decoration to attract
6. Not humped camel
7. Veil is not a replacement
for aurat
8. Not resemble men's
9. Not resemble the non-
Muslim women outfit
10. Not to pursue fame so
regarded by human
Hijab Requirement
The Solution
of Jilboos problem
1) Socialize the correct way in wearing hijab to many people (especially
woman) at the place like education institution, mosque, or maybe at
website, social media, electronic media, printing media, and etc. By that,
Muslim woman know how to wear their hijab correctly and feel the
benefit of wearing hijab in their daily life.

2) Make the rule and punishment strictly for every Muslim woman who
doesn't wear hijab correctly. Make them know if they can't wear that
hijab carelessly.

3) Get used to wearing hijab for children at their early age.

4) Every Muslim woman help each other in giving advice and sharing about
hijab using.
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