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Philip's Senior Literature Folio

No description

Philip Yang

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Philip's Senior Literature Folio

Philip's Senior Literature Folio This literature of Plot Twist is what I loved it. It makes readers feel really intensely because the final is really unexpected and we won’t know the entire story just by understanding the half page of the book. Through the unexpected intense I will read the story again to understand it better, at that time, I will look more carefully about plot twist character’s act. This type of literature will remain fresh in the minds of the readers and they love read the plot twist books. Plot Twist Author I love talking about authors, and I especially enjoy learning authors’ lives and ideas. They have their own unique ideas that apply to his or her works which would consist of various genres as the following: novels, plays, poems and short stories. When I learned from our discussion in class on authors, I started to connect common ideas that some of them had and related them to each other.
In my opinion an authors’ message or moral reminds me of the advice my father often gives me. This is why I really love studying authors. Because all works of literature contain messages from the authors, I feel that whenever I understand the message I can think about the message’s meaning more than one time. This is the charm that lets me study about authors. during Japan colonize Korea, some of Korean author's Literature message about resistance.

Theater Theater makes me feel their movement, and it makes me think they are in the auditorium, which allows feeling to express as the same person with characters. There is line specific for the character and this makes for the readers easily know who are saying, this point attracts me read theater and watch. However, sometimes this one is difficult to understand because most of the theater written in longtime ago, that is why, word is different from now. Although words are no longer used nowadays, people watch lots of theater to be more of high class people. Short Stories Setting Short Stories are most easy to read. Among the Literature works, because Story is shorter than other Literature, most of author written by easy words, those of things make me read short stories and most of short story are fast story flow, it make reader is not boring to read book. Some of novel is chapter is long and it is not important. Just make story are tedious. It is easy to see anywhere, most short stories in magazine, Newspaper, and textbook. These things are easy to see anywhere. While using public transportation, I think these comfortable things fit to city life of citizens. Setting is important part in literature, because it helps me understand mood of story and other thing is setting offers background information and make the atmosphere of whole story. If setting is not expressed well, then I will have hard time to connect with the story. Therefore, setting is important in literature. Some of book’s setting changes as story flow but some of the story’s setting remain the same and connect with other character.

Songs Speech Poetry Incident in a Rose Garden: Donald Justice

Sir, I encountered Death
Just now among our roses
Thin as a scythe he stood there.

I knew him by his pictures
He had on his black coat
Black gloves, and broad black hat.

I think he would have spoken,
Seeing his mouth stood open.
Big it was, with white teeth.

As soon as he beckoned, I ran.
I ran untill I found you.
Sir, I'm quitting my job.

I want to see my sons
Once more before I die.
I want to see California.

Sir, you must be that stranger
Who threatened my gardener.
This is my property, sir.

I welcome only friends here.

Sir, I knew your father.
And we were friends at the end.

As for your gardener,
I did not threaten him.
Old men mistake my gestures.

I only ment to ask him
To show me to his master.
I take it you are he?
Yoon dong ju Prologue
Even the wind blowing through the leaves
Causes me to grieve
So that without the slightest shame
I may lift my eyes heavenward
Until the day I die.
With my heart singing to the stars
I shall love all mortal things.
And I shall ever tread the path
Assigned to me.
Even tonight the wind caresses the stars An Hymn to Humanity by Phillis Wheatley
Lo! for this dark terrestrial ball
Forsakes his azure-paved hall
A prince of heav'nly birth!
Divine Humanity behold,
What wonders rise, what charms unfold
At his descent to earth!


The bosoms of the great and good
With wonder and delight he view'd,
And fix'd his empire there:
Him, close compressing to his breast,
The sire of gods and men address'd,
"My son, my heav'nly fair!


"Descend to earth, there place thy throne;
"To succour man's afflicted son
"Each human heart inspire:
"To act in bounties unconfin'd
"Enlarge the close contracted mind,
"And fill it with thy fire."


Quick as the word, with swift career
He wings his course from star to star,
And leaves the bright abode.
The Virtue did his charms impart;
Their G-----! then thy raptur'd heart
Perceiv'd the rushing God:


For when thy pitying eye did see
The languid muse in low degree,
Then, then at thy desire
Descended the celestial nine;
O'er me methought they deign'd to shine,
And deign'd to string my lyre.


Can Afric's muse forgetful prove?
Or can such friendship fail to move
A tender human heart?
Immortal Friendship laurel-crown'd
The smiling Graces all surround
With ev'ry heav'nly Art.
If you say this, you will be hateful to me,
and the dead will hate you alwaysjustly.
But let me and my foolish plans suffer(95)
this terrible thing, for I shall succumb
to nothing so awful as a shameful death.

Then go, if this seems best to you, but know that
your friends truly love you, however foolish.

Exit ANTIGONE off stage, ISMENE into the palace, after which the CHORUS marches onto the stage.
Theater The Phantom of opera
The Comte de Chagny, standing up in his box, listened to all this frenzy and took part in it by loudly applauding. Philippe Georges Marie Comte de Chagny was just forty-one years of age. He was a great aristocrat and a good-looking man, above middle height and with attractive features, in spite of his hard forehead and his rather cold eyes. He was exquisitely polite to the women and a little haughty to the men, who did not always forgive him for his successes in society. He had an excellent heart and an irreproachable conscience. On the death of old Count Philibert, he became the head of one of the oldest and most distinguished families in France, whose arms dated back to the fourteenth century. The Chagnys owned a great deal of property; and, when the old count, who was a widower, died, it was no easy task for Philippe to accept the management of so large an estate. His two sisters and his brother, Raoul, would not hear of a division and waived their claim to their shares, leaving themselves entirely in Philippe's hands, as though the right of primogeniture had never ceased to exist. When the two sisters married, on the same day, they received their portion from their brother, not as a thing rightfully belonging to them, but as a dowry for which they thanked him.

The Black Cat
Upon my touching him, he immediately arose, purred loudly, rubbed against my hand, and appeared delighted with my notice. This, then, was the very creature of which I was in search. I at once offered to purchase it of the landlord; but this person made no claim to itknew nothing of ithad never seen it before.

The Monkey's paw
"I expect you'll find the cash tied up in a big bag in the middle of your bed," said Herbert, as he bade them good-night, "and something horrible squatting up on top of the wardrobe watching you as you pocket your ill-gotten gains."

He sat alone in the darkness, gazing at the dying fire, and seeing faces in it. The last face was so horrible and so simian that he gazed at it in amazement.' It got so vivid that, with a little uneasy laugh, he felt on the table for a glass containing a little water to throw over it. His hand grasped the monkey's paw, and with a little shiver he wiped his hand on his coat and went up to bed.
Songs express what people want to say or their thoughts. It is other kind of literature because literature also expresses people idea, share with other people, and also criticizes society. Some of Hip-Hop songs criticize our society and it provides important lessons to the listeners. Long long time ago there was only one song, which is fork song, but nowadays there is a lot of kinds, such as R&B, Hip-hop, Rock, and ballade. When I to listen musics, it turns to me an emotional person. Especially, Lasse Lindh’s songs, which makes people feel very emotional because the singers' voice is very appealing. This are the factors gives me reason to love songs. Speech gives strong impression, without time of preparation; speech will not be effective on the ears of audience. This thing easy to get mention to audience. If I get strong impression from Speech. They keep more remind than other literature works in head. Most speech talks about policy of government, big issue of at that time, and right. Those topics that the speech had in the past are similar to issues of the today’s speech. If I listen speech, they could understand current the trend. Speaker had to a lot of practice before do speech, it required brave, and knowledge. So that makes people instigate from speaker. Swing low, Sweet chriot

Swing low, sweet chariot,
Coming for to carry me home,
Swing low, sweet chariot,
Coming for to carry me home.

I looked over Jordan, and what did I see?
Coming for to carry me home,
A band of angels coming after me,
Coming for to carry me home.


If you get there before I do,
Coming for to carry me home,
Tell all my friends I’m coming, too.
Coming for to carry me home.


I’m sometimes up and sometimes down,
Coming for to carry me home,
But still my soul feels heavenly bound,
Coming for to carry me home.


The brightest day that I can say,
Coming for to carry me home,
When Jesus washed my sins away,
Coming for to carry me home.

It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death! Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death" Speech in Virginia convention Novel Theme(Revenge) Poetry is hardest understand meaning of language in literatures but still I love poetry, it use a lot of expression, such as simile, metaphor and hyperbole. Those of things make poetry beautiful and mystery and magic. It shake reader’s mind by language and it wake up six sense of what we didn’t see from other literature work like a It can call one’s interest especially who doesn’t have interest to read. I think those of factors attract people read poem. Grass
by Carl Sandburg

ile the bodies high at Austerlitz and Waterloo.
Shovel them under and let me work--
I am the grass; I cover all.

And pile them high at Gettysburg
And pile them high at Ypres and Verdun.
Shovel them under and let me work.
Two years, ten years, and the passengers ask the conductor:
What place is this?
Where are we now?

I am the grass.
Let me work.
The Way It Is
by Linda J. Alexander
inky, dinky, doo.
Your toe is in your shoe.
Your tongue is in your mouth
And your teeth are in there, too.

Honky, tonky, ten.
A rooster is a male hen.
A girl is a female boy,
That is, till they start over again. Revenge is one of good themes, and Shakespeare’s fourth tragedies, it is popular revenge story in the world. Especially, I like Shakespeare’s revenge story because when main character or someone else succeeds revenge, I feel vicarious pleasure. But most of Revenge story books show revenge makes other revenge. I love about process of revenge, when character make plan of revenge and try to murder enemy. I feel tension; I can’t feel in other theme of story. That’s why I love this. Novel is one kind of Literatures, It show other world, what I can’t see or experience in the real world sometimes it doesn’t make sense in now. However, it gives message from the story. There is a lot of kind of genre, like Romance, Fantasy, and Chronicle. In Modern literature, among that I like Fantasy story. Most of people read more Novels than Poetry, and Speeches. Also I read novel literature more than other things because most authors comprehend what they want to say about society and people in Novel. If I understand what author wants to say, I feel author and I are one in soul. One morning, as Gregor Samsa was waking up from anxious dreams, he discovered that in his bed he had been changed into a monstrous verminous bug. He laid on his armour-hard back and saw, as he lifted his head up a little, his brown, arched abdomen divided up into rigid bow-like sections. From this height the blanket, just about ready to slide off completely, could hardly stay in place. His numerous legs, pitifully thin in comparison to the rest of his circumference, flickered helplessly before his eyes. Thirdly and finally, he said, I wish to make an announcement. He spoke this last word so loudly and suddenly that everyone sat up who still could. I regret to announce that - thought, as I said, eleventh one year is far too short a time to spend among you this is the end. I am going. I am leaving now. Good bye!
He stepped down and vanished. There was a blinding flash of light, and the guests all blinked. When they opened their eyes Bilbo was nowhere to be seen. One hundred and forty four flabbergasted hobbits sat back speechless.

The point!--envenom'd too!
Then, venom, to thy work.


Treason! treason!

O, yet defend me, friends; I am but hurt.

Here, thou incestuous, murderous, damned Dane,
Drink off this potion. Is thy union here?
Follow my mother.


He is justly served;
It is a poison temper'd by himself.
Exchange forgiveness with me, noble Hamlet:
Mine and my father's death come not upon thee,
Nor thine on me.


Heaven make thee free of it! I follow thee.
I am dead, Horatio. Wretched queen, adieu!
You that look pale and tremble at this chance,
That are but mutes or audience to this act,
Had I but time--as this fell sergeant, death,
Is strict in his arrest--O, I could tell you--
But let it be. Horatio, I am dead;
Thou livest; report me and my cause aright
To the unsatisfied.

The count of the Monte Cristo

Fernand: Monte Cristo!
Edmond: King's to you, Fernand.
Fernand: Edmond? How did you...
Edmond: How did I escape? With difficulty. How did I plan this moment? With pleasure!
Fernand: So you've taken Mercedes.
Edmond: And everything else. Except your life.
Fernand: Why are you doing this?
Edmond: [pauses, remembering what Fernand said when he asked why he betrayed him] It's complicated. Let's just say it's vengeance from the life that you stole from me.

The Lord of the Flies

" This is an island. At least I think it's an island. That's a reef out in the sea.Perhaps there aren't any grownups anywhere." The silence waws so complete that they could hear the unevenness of Piggy's breathing. THe sun slanted in and lay golden over half the platform. THe breezes that on the lagoon had chased their tails like kittens were finding their way across the platform and into the forest. The Arab drew his knife and held it up to me in the sun. The light shot off the steel and it was like a long flashing blade cutting at my forehead. At the same instant the sweat in my eyebrows dripped down over my eyelids all at once and covered them with a warm, thick film. My eyes were blinded behind the curtain of tears and salt. All I could feel ere the cymbals of sunlight crashing on my forehead and, indistinctly, the dazzling spear flying up from the knife in front of me. The scorching blade slashed at my eyelashes and stabbed at my stinging eyes. That's when everything began to reel. The sea carried up a thick, fiery breath, it seemed to me as if the sky split open from one end to the other to rain down fire. My whole being tensed and I squeezed my hand around the revolver. The trigger gave; I felt the smooth underside of the butt; and there, in that noise, sharp and deafening at the same time, is where it all started. I shook off the sweat and sun. I knew that I had shattered the harmony of the day, the exceptional silence of a beach where I'd been happy. Then I fired four more times at the motionless body where the bullets lodged without leaving a trace. And it was like knocking four quick times on the door of unhappiness. After a week of this, I picked up the phone and dialed Morrie's number. Connie brought him to the phone. "You're coming to visit me," he said, less a question than a statement.
Well. Could I?
"How about Tuesday?"
Tuesday would be good, I said. Tuesday would be fine.
Our last class had just begun.

We laughed because he used to say the same thing nearly twenty years earlier. Mostly on Tuesdays. In fact, Tuesday had always been our day together. Most of my courses with Morrie were on Tuesdays, he had office hours on Tuesdays, and when I wrote my senior thesis which was pretty much Morrie's suggestion, right from the start it was on Tuesdays that we sat together, by his desk, or in the cafeteria, or on the steps of Pearlman Hall, going over the work.
So it seemed only fitting that we were back together on a Tuesday, here in the house with the Japanese maple out front. As I readied to go, I’m mentioned this to Morries. "We’re Tuesday people," he said. Tuesday people, I repeated. ........."so you'll come back next Tuesday?" he whispered.
The End Thank you to Joseph Kim for helping
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