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The Nile River

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joseph tulko

on 31 July 2014

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Transcript of The Nile River

The Nile River
The Nile River Pros And Cons
The Nile river runs through Egypt and continues into the Mesopotamian sea. Eygpt is still on the other side of the Nile but the cut off on the east by Asia.
*Water source
*Fish/other animals
*Fertile land
*Belief as in death and rebirth
*Over flooding
*irrigation problems
*over population
*marsh land
*destruction of homes ect. near by the river
If you can see that flooding can also be very harmful to your environment. This isnt the floing that the Nile had. the Nile would crate a marsh around the river and also make the depth of the river deeper. This river is to flooded to work with any crops.
The river can bring many different life forms. The Nile was the perfect place to provide it.
*Proved the rain fall witch they did not have
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The Nile River

Ancient Egypt was a lifeless, rainless piece of land. Then “The Gift of Nile” saved not only the people of Egypt but the soul of Egypt. Since the sketch of the north was the only part of land that was near a big body of water like the Mesopotamian sea. Egypt could have never survived without the Nile. The Nile River was the main reason as in Egypt here and living today. Think about the Egyptians praised the river that means it is more important than any other river. The cause of it flooding brought good will and the chance to grow crops. Since Egypt gets an amount of rain I can count on my hand on my hand they needed something to help them live other then dirt and low counts of animals. That all changed animals ran into Egypt when the Nile flooded. This was a great thing for the people of Egypt. The happiness they got from a river flooding is flabbergasting. This did not create a mess of marsh, debris created life for the rainless Egypt.

The Nile River was a part of a religion as in death and rebirth. The cycle of life is the vibe that the Nile had on their religion side of the river other than the point of the flooding helped them grow crops. This river you might say gave them faith and hope. Days can be green and alive not always dust. For me I would love to be introduced to the life the Egyptians had when the Nile flooded. I say this because it’s like winter to spring. The skies are grey the plants are dead then spring comes around and the skies are blue and the trees, the grass, the animals roam. That is how I’m guessing it feels for the ancient Egyptians from having nothing to everything because of a river flooding.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the Nile River. I bet that if you did not really know anything about it you would say it’s deep. You are wrong but then you’re right. The Nile river is very sallow but when flooded it is as deep as a lake. This river did not really help the land in Egypt because it was sallow. But when it flooded the water over floods and then the land became fertile. That is why the river didn’t help Egypt in the first place. The Nile River is the most interesting land form in Egypt to me how about you

The Nile River was the mastermind behind Egypt life. The Nile was the only existence of life on Egypt. Before the Nile floods Egypt is nearly alive. Now because of the Nile and its flooding because of the melting ice from the mountain tops the land becomes fertile and full of life. The life that came so quickly was astonishing. The birds soared through the skies and sang, cheeped all day long until the next day. Egypt went from no life to a bundle of beautiful birds, dogs, crocodiles, hippos and other animals. Egypt was nearly a desert any more it was now a forest. The land was good the weather was good to for crops so the Nile provided crops and food as in animals. The food income was phenomenal. Egypt was the place to be at that time.

The Nile ran 4000 miles long this river was huge you can say. Imagine that strip of land dead no life. That land now was the gold mine of life. There for people in Egypt liked to have the river flood but at the same time it might not be so well. The river can destroy any homes nearby. It also can create a marsh which can make it nearly impossible to grow crops on. The Nile River flooding can also be a bad thing because new animals might be a threat to the people of Egypt. Think a pack of wild dogs can steal, create diseases, injure people, and over populate. As in one of my videos it shows a group of over populated bugs that storm into a nearby village a eats and takes over the land in over a minute. The Egyptians run with most food they can hold and run far away.

In Egypt they did not think of the bad cause of the Nile they were just grateful of the gift that the Nile gave to them. Egypt would never be able to be civilizing if it was’t for the Nile River. The population of Egypt was only more than none is because of the supposedly the gift of Nile. The Nile had the land they need because of the natural cause of the mountain water make the Nile flood not because the gods gave them the gift of Nile.
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