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genious hour pitch

No description

kylie ma

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of genious hour pitch

Everyone will be paying 50 cents for the materials that the art teachers will provide for you like cardboard paint, brushes, paper and lots more. It would be great if you bring some recyclable materials like plastic bags and other stuff that you can find at home. You will be able to bring them in once a week for you and others to use for the art that we will be doing.
How will it help the school?
Genius Hour Pitch
Art Club/Gallery
Once a day each week on a Thursday afternoon the art teachers will be holding an art club. There will be making mini sculptors, paintings, drawings and many more that will be available when you are with the art teachers each week. There will also be art contests.
The pictures below are some of the things that the art teachers might be teaching you to do.The art club/gallery will put everyone's work and art into the hallways at school to show everyone what they have done. So please come to the art club/gallery. Coming every week is not compulsory.
thank you for looking!!!!!

An art club will help kids expand their imagination and creativity with art. Students can use descriptive words to discuss their own creations or to talk about what feelings are when they see different styles of artwork. It will inspire children to expand their creativity, make something surreal, something out of the imagination. The kids at the art club will also be able to be surrounded by other students who like art. They will also be surrounded by art each week on a Thursday.
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