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My Trip to Haiti

October 2013

Kimberly Murray

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of My Trip to Haiti

"Bondye konn bay, men li pa konn separe."
God gives, but does not share.

Where is Haiti?
San Francisco to Miami
2 Hour Flight from Miami
to Port au Prince
There is no public transportation in Haiti
You can hire a Haitian Taxi
or a bus called
a TapTap
(a guy who owns a motorbike)
(guaranteed to be packed
like sardines)
Just the Facts!
9.8 million people live in Haiti
7 million Haitians live in poverty
55% live on less than $1 US a day
90% of people do not have running water
70% do not have electricity
The main source of fuel in Haiti is charcoal made from trees.
This has led to rapid and severe
Port au Prince
We landed in Port au Prince, the largest city,
home to an estimated 2.8 million people.
But we didn't stay long...
Remember Haiti has NO traffic signals...AT ALL!
The Road to Hinche
It was a 2 1/2 hour drive to Hinche from Port au Prince.
Before the European Union built this road, 2 years ago, it took 7-12 hours.
Saint Andre's Episcopal Church and School
In 1982, parishioners from St. Dunstan's in Carmel Valley, who were also students at ASDS, traveled to Hinche, Haiti. They met people from Saint Andres and came home with a commitment to help the best they could.
Saint Andre's at that time had 2 classrooms and less than 30 students.
Steadily over the years, the support St. Dunstans' provides has grown. We now serve a school which has 13 classrooms and 900+ students. We have also installed toilets, running water, solar panels, a well, a generator and a proper septic system.
With the help of STOP HUNGER NOW, we provide 1000 hot meals a day to the children and teachers.
For many it is the only
meal they will have.
Due to the generous support of our community, we are able to send thousands of dollars a year for scholarships for children who can't afford school.
All of this because two
All Saints' school kids decided to do what they could.
Video of my week at Saint Andre's School
What could you do to help?
Purchase a card or two from the "Giving Tree" to support the Saint Andre's Food Program.
They make thoughtful gifts for others.
Share your time and talents by joining the
Haiti Team at
Saint Dunstans. We would welcome you.
Take a trip to Haiti! There are 3 trips being planned for 2014:
Saint Patrick's in March, Saint Andre's in January and October.
Participate in
a STOP HUNGER NOW food packing event
Donate to the
Saint Andres scholorship fund.
In Memory of
Barbara Blevens
Former ASDS teacher and
Dedicated advocate for the children
of Saint Andres, Haiti.
"God gives,
but does not share."
(Haitian Proverb)
The sharing

is up to us.
<60% of children go to school in Haiti.
90% of schools in Haiti are private, most families can't afford them.
Of those in school, only 22% continue on to high school
Haiti's literacy rate is around 53%
100% of the tax deductable donation goes to the school.
Education in
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