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Rain Forest

No description

Maddie Raney

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Rain Forest

The rain forest is nearly self-watering. Plants release water into the atmosphere through a process called transpiration. In each canopy tree can release about 200 gallons of water each year. The moisture helps create the thick cloud cover that hangs over most rain forests. Even when not raining, these clouds keep the rain forest humid and warm.

temp rarely gets higher then 93 degrees F or below 68F
Average humidity is betwenn 77 and 88%
Tropical rain forests are found in locations that receive significant amounts of precipitation. These locations are easily recognizable by their abundance of lifeforms. These lifeforms include numerous trees, plants such as ferns, and an abundance of insects, spiders, snakes, monkeys, and other plants and animals
Various of animals live in the Tropical rain Forest
such as Bangle Tigers- Which can eat up t 60 pounds of food. ( Buffalo, deer, and other large animals)
they are endangered
King Cobra: Eat Other snakes and other small animals, They have enough venom to kill 20 people or 1 elephant, they grow to be 13 feet long

The geography of the Rain Forest is mostly grassy. The Rain Forest has many trees and plants. The trees have roots that spread along the forest floor. The top of the trees make a canopy in the Rain Forest.
the rain forest is flat,has hills,mountans, flowers,plants, waterfalls, rocks, trees and good soil.It is rocky .
By: Maddie R,
Trevor R, Billy H,
Jack F, & Reece G
Tropical Rain Forest



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