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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

No description

Lexi Heironimus

on 12 December 2010

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Transcript of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Protaginist A Tree Grows in Brooklyn By Betty Smith Important Characters Francie Nolan Katie Nolan Johnny Nolan Aunt Sissy Main character.
Is the daughter of Katie and Johnny Nolan. She grows up through the story, dealing with the hardships of the Great Depression, and hardships of family life. Summary Symbols Motifs Book one Book two Book three Book four Book five Other, Not So Important Characters Hildy O'Dair Themes Trees Poverty Education Class in Society American Dream The story begins with Francie noticing a tree, growing in brooklyn. She thinks to herself that it must be very hard for a tree to grow. Francie loves to read, and she reads at least one book everyday. At home, she wonders why she likes her best even though he becomes drunk often. Every night, her and her brother Neely read one page of Shakespeare and one page of the Bible. This part of the book shows how Katie and Johnny become married. Johnny leaves his current girlfiend, Hildy, and marries Katie within a few months. They get good jobs as night janitors at a school. Katie becomes pregnant twice early in the marriage and has Francie and Neely. The family ends up moving twice because of Johnny;s bad behavior and Sissy's, Katie's sister, disgraceful behavior. Francie is growing up. She and Neely start school at the same time, and she learns she is very good at story teling. One day while walking, Francie finds a neighborhood and a great school, much better than the one she attends. Johnny helps her get into the school and she is much happier. Francie is becoming a woman and she has her first period. She starts a diary and learns about sex. While coming home one day, she is almost raped. Her mother saved her by shoting the assultant. Later, Johnny ends up dying, and Katie is pregnant again. She has a baby girl, Laurie. Both Francie and Neely get afterschool jobs to help support the family. Katie decides Neely will go back to high school while Francie will not, even though Francie is the one who wants to go. America enters WW1. Francie signs up for summer school classes, and she falls in love with a boy who tutored her in French, Ben Blake. Sissy finally has a baby that survives. Francie falls in love again with a engaged man. She has her heart broken, and Katie finally realizes she cannot save Francie from all the hurt the world will bring. Katie accepts to marry Sergeant McShane, whose wife recently dies, because he is a good man. Ben gives Francie a promise ring and she is accepted into the University of Michegan in Ann Arbor. While preparing for a date with Ben she notices a girl out on a fire escape. She also notices a tree. Neely Nolan Katie Nolan's sister. She helps Francie and the Nolan family many times during the story. She gave birth to many stillborn childern, and had many husbands. Mother of Francie and Neely. She told herself she would always love Neely more than her daughter. She was hard on Francie and showed favoritism with everything. She married Johnny Nolan after she "stole him" from her best friend Hildy. Father to Francie and Neely. He is a singer, and becomes drunk often during the story. Francie loves him more than Katie, and he helps her find better times during all of the hardships of life. He dies from the cause of drunkeness and pneumonia. Francie's younger brother. He was favored by his mother and seemed to have an easier time compared to Francie. Ben Blake Francie falls in love with him while studing for French. He ends up being Francie's boyfriend. Johnny's ex-girlfriend. She lost Johnny to Katie. She seemed to still care for him even at his funeral Setting Williamsburg, Brooklyn
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