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gender studies: medical marijuana

No description

Maggie Bold

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of gender studies: medical marijuana

-laws, court cases, "key players", events, organizations Gloria Gemma Calender girls (video) -social justice
-patient's right to choose form of healing and pain management "THERE ARE SOURCES OF PAIN MANAGEMENT ALREADY AVAILABLE INCLUDING SYNTHETIC MARIJUANA" BUT Why should someone who is already going through extensive chemical treatment for their illness only be allowed more harsh chemicals for pain relief? opiate dependency and withdrawal Large leafs = Fully Legal States
Smaller leafs= Laws Passed/dispensaries (POLICY AND PRACTICE) Large Leafs= Fully Legal States
Smaller Leafs= Laws Passed "There are sources of pain management already available, including synthetic marijuana." POLICY AND PRACTICE Large Leafs= Legal States
Small Leafs= Laws passed Steph Sherer Richard Lee Rob Kampia, Chuck Thomas, Mike Kirsner Keith Stroup Rick Doblin LEGALIZATION OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA BY: Sue-Ellen Jimenez, Maggie Bold, Kayli Robinson, & Vicky Akiode Text or Themes related to our issue FE Feminist Views on the Legalization with Gloria Gemma Calendar Women (Breast Cancer Talk) Laws, Court Cases, Key Players, and Organizations Patient's Rights and Decisions 1970 The Controlled Substance Act
1972 US Congress placed marijuana in Schedule I of Controlled Substance Act
1973 Drug Enforcement Agency or the DEA started
1980's "Just Say No" Reagan slogan
1993 Clinton projected tolerance
1996 California legal.
1998-2001 USA v OCBC (Oakland Cannabis Buyers' Cooperative ) and Jeffrey Jones
2002 State Supreme Court v. Mower
2003 Several states are legal.
2003 US Supreme Court Conant v. Walters (formerly Conant v. McCaffrey)
2004-2005 Case of Gonzales v. Raich overturns the 9th Circuit, but banned federal level.
2006 RI legal.
2012 In the election more states added.
Future We hope that it would be legal in all 51 states! Lorde Croteau Ayvazian
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