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The people of sparks

No description

Bill nguyen

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of The people of sparks

The people of Sparks
Author:Jeanne DuPrau

The Emberties has escape from their perfect society that the government tried to make. In the new society they need to stay with the people of Sparks.Which they don't know that the leaders has hide secrets away from them.
The people of Spark now know that they couldn't support the Emberties any longer. So the leaders have to kick them out of the society. The Emberties were angry, they fough back for their goods.
It fit!!!!!
After they have a hard time get out of their perfect society.They now need to deal with a even bigger problem.They need to deal with getting kick out of the Sparks town.it is facing the not so perfect society after get kick out of the Sparks village.
I think our society similar to the society in this book.Our society is full of lies and back stabbing.Our society and the book society share that both society try to help other nations but at the end it kind of back fire. But it still bring us some benefit at the really end.
The theme is think before you do something.The Sparks society has crash( not all) because they except the Emberties to stay without thinking what might happen.

An other theme I get out of this is to choose your friends carefully because it might harm you later on. Poor the Emberties trusted Tick and fight with the Sparks.
The people of spark is a dystopia because the government try to make their society a perfect world.When Lina,Don and hundreds of other came out of their under ground world, it is a new experience . The leaders of Spark let them stay but in a worried.When the ember people get out of the town their have a hard time to create a new society that can take care of hundreds of people.So they came back to fight.

The novel is very realistic.It show that our society is over population.There are people that the society need to take care of but they don't give back to our society.Soon the society will not have enough food,water,shelter and space to provide them all.That will led to a civil war and at the end it will do nothing good for both side.
Naughty/bad character
Tick is my least favorite character because he trick me to believe he is a good person.But at the end he is the one who led to the fight between the Emberties and Sparks. He was the once who against the Emberties at the start. He will not receive a present from Santa this year.
Good/helpful character
Lina was my favorite character because she was kind,smart and nice.She have a big loveable heart.She has help the Sparks stop the fire and the incongruous other Emberties to also help. what a kind girl.If she wasn't in their society every Emberties would die and Sparks will never meet the Emberties.She also a character that I can relate to because she was home sick a couple time through out the story.I remember when I first live here it was a harsh time for me without my mom.It like you are missing half of your heart.I understand what she felt like.
Great book
I would totally recommend this book to other.This book is amazing.I love how the author describe the characters and the situation that they are in very detail. The words fluency is a beautiful touch to her book. I can't wait to read the third book in the series.
I wasn't expect a fight between the Emberties and Sparks. I also didn't expect Tick to be bad character.Finally I didn't expect the Emberties to help the Spark when the fire started to spread.They also create light bulb.
Against the evil idea
The Emberties is against the Sparks with their evil ideas to kick them out.I kind of mad at the idea but I can understand that the Sparks only kick them out because there are no more food and Emberties weren't play a civil part to the Spark society.
Emberties will not put up with it so they fought
back.Which led up to bigger problem, the fire.Hot ,burning fire that spread quickly.
Good job
The fire spread quickly thought the village.Don has save a kid that has brought them to figure out that the evil Tick was their worst enemy of all.Tick get penalty that he deserved.
Common on this book style!!!!!
I believe his style of book is narrative because I think it is based on imaginary and a little of realistic experiences from the author.
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