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A Crash Course on Creativity 2012

No description

andrey demidov

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of A Crash Course on Creativity 2012

A Crash Course on Creativity Andrey - Winter
Alesia - Spring
Konstantin - Summer
Anastasia - Autumn We're going to show you how many common
things we have found in our team.

Can you guess: “How many?” Hello! We all live on the planet
of Earth for the last 21 years
However, it is not a lot, as there are only 24 hours per day Let`s introduce our team
“Seasons” =21 =45 We visited 8 countries and 25 cities =84 Of course, our travel time was not lost in vain): we read 250 books, watched 58 movies and listened to music for 550 hours Each of us has 2 hands, 2 ears, 2 eyes =51 We shed 90 650 drops of tears It couldn't be done without 10 planes,
6 trains,
14 buses
and 3 cars =91 627 =117 We like animals:
We have 1 cat
and 1 dog
We went out on dates 5 100 times since we were toddlers. The number of farewells was slightly less =977
We can juggle with 3 balls We slept 2 times in very crucial moment during our life Everyday we spend about 5 minutes to clean our teeth We keep a lot of stuff such as 200 plastic bags in our closet, 8 kilograms of photo albums on our shelves and 150 gigabytes of diverse information in our computers We are sportsmen. We lifted about 12 tonnes of cargo (including shopping bags) and ran about 1825 kilometers this year We are skillful gardeners. We planted 15 flowers and ruined 2 of them We wore out 45 pairs of sport shoes In a hurry we faced 12 stranger this year, and we maintain relations with 2 of them till now We spent almost 86 hours sitting at the computer including working hours since we got to know each other We were caught in the rain without our umbrellas about 20 times, and we fell on plane surface 5 times in 2012 year We had the similar dreams 2 times last year About 100 litres of tea and 110 liters of coffee were drunk by us last year =91 630 We have visited 10 concerts and 12 exhibitions this year We visited dentist 4 times this year, but 1 time we left just threw a look at the dental equipment Taking a shower this month, we sang 10 times =96 730 We actively use modern technologies. For example, for these last 22 years 5 mobile phones were lost, 800 messages were sent, 1 slat of the main memory was burnt down and 5 keyboards were poured with tea =96 737 =975 =96 732 We left part of our hair at hair salons 25 times this year = 97 095 =98 932 =98 949 = 98 994 = 99 008 = 99 094 = 99 119 = 99 144 = 99 146 = 99 356 = 99 378 = 100 189 = 100 194 = 100 204 WOW!
We have
They are so different.
However, they all are nice and
have a lot of in common.
As we are Thanks. things in common.
Were you right? 100 204 Alesia Anastasia Konstantin Andrew
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