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UnLtd's Theory of Change

23 Sep 2011

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Transcript of UnLtd's Theory of Change

Inspiring others
Why do we do it?
We believe individuals can be a powerful force for positive social change.

And that communities that face problems contain people who have the solutions.
The impact
Social innovation: new solutions to problems
Our theory of change
Employment, increased income
The results
For social entrepreneurs
Satisfaction in 'giving something back'
For communities and society
Is for a world where people can act to make it better.
And how will we get there?
We back people as social entrepreneurs in their communities
We also work to develop the social entrepreneur support sector into an effective system for help
Our vision....
We help social entrepreneurs with high potential for growth to scale up
Our support model is based on an understanding of social entrepreneurs' journeys
We offer connections to other financial and non-financial support
Our support offer is designed to help people through the different stages and transitions in their journeys
Stimulating the market for social investment
Influencing and shaping policy
People acting for social benefit
A world where...
Larger numbers of social entrepreneurs get help to start up and scale up
People who have strong potential to deliver social value, also have the skills and confidence to do so
There is a supportive environment in which social entrepreneurs can come forward and thrive
Social and economic benefit
Social capital: bringing people together
Deeper links into the community, reduced isolation
Personal growth and development
We find the most socially minded and entrepreneurial people
We offer different types of Award to suit different stages of the journey
Pro-bono advice and mentoring
Peer support
Access to investors
Conceiving and developing idea
Piloting, testing and refining
Small scale sustainability
Scaling or replication
Character and attributes
Motivation and inspiration
Background and experiences
Venture stops running
Social entrepreneur steps back
These are options at any stage...
The journey of a social entrepreneur: learning by doing
The social entrepreneur's journey starts before their venture exists...
We've identified four stages in the early development of a social venture
Assembling resources
Getting others interested
Formal or informal planning
Delivering at a small scale to see if the idea works
Learning what's needed to deliver
Finding a business model that's financially and personally sustainable
Gradual growth and development
Securing investment
Building a team
Growing the venture, or its impact, quickly
They can be moved through at any speed, and in pretty much any order
We don't assume that everyone will go through all stages
Or even that they want to
But they don't necessarily represent 'failure'
Aim achieved
Approach taken on by a mainstream service
Business can't be sustained
Personal or financial circumstances change
Moves on to set up another venture
Doing everything yourself
And we support them in moving from thinking to doing
Field-based staff and partnership working to scout for 'unusual suspects'
Cash to start up and one-to-one support from an Award Manager or UnLtd partner
Innovating and learning about new forms of support
Between them, our Award Winners support over 1,000,000 people per year
Our mission
To reach out and unleash the energies of people who can transform the world in which they live.
62% gain leadership skills
Researching and communicating about social entrepreneurship, its potential and impact
Building capacity of partner organisations to find, fund and/or support social entrepreneurs
People we call

social entrepreneurs.
Jenny Dawson, Rubies in the Rubble
These are our three 'strategic objectives'
Gary Staniforth, Hidden Voices
Emma Morris, Beyond Youth
Nathan Cornish, timto
Alex Lockett, Project Pigeon
Gary's experience of homelessness led him to set up Hidden Voices, a magazine written and produced by homeless people.
Alex initially received a start up Award for Project Pigeon through UnLtd's Engage programme. Later, she got £10,000 to help make the venture sustainable. She's now looking to replicate her pigeon fancying workshops, which bring old and young together, in different parts of the country
After winning a core Award from UnLtd in 2010, Emma was selected for the Big Venture Challenge in 2011. Since then, she's secured £100,000 from a social investor to help her grow Beyond Youth. The company rehabilitates young offenders.
Core Awards: Do It, Build It and Fast Growth
Creating jobs
Changing lives
89% of UnLtd Award Winners feel able to create social change
83% gain confidence
Jo Scott, Moving Forward
Peter Olawaye, Aiming Skywards CIC
Brendan Thompson, Static Bounce
Jos Colover, Green Access and Mobility Areas (GAMA)
Bruce Crowther, The FIG Tree Fair Trade Visitor Centre and Cafe
76% of ventures are still running after 3 years
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