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Crossroads : What can you do with your Psychology degree?

No description

Kamaria Cooke

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Crossroads : What can you do with your Psychology degree?

What Can you do with Your psychology degree? Options: Bachelors
Research Bachelors You don't have to get a doctorate in Psychology to put your degree to use. Executive Director of Non-Profit Organization carry out board's wishes
responsible for staff work
paid handsomely $64, 100 Daycare Teacher care for children that have not yet entered kindergarten
additional licensing may be required $24,000 Doctorate Child Psychologist process & requirements in short easy steps 1. Education Requirements 2. Doctoral degree in Psychology 3. Supervised Internship 4. Exam 5. State License w/specialty provide mental health services to children Research most psychologist spend time doing research in their particular concentrations Applied Developmental Research studying questions, not cognitive development Basic Methods
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