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Alex Marshall

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of THE MARINES

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com U.S Marines need food to be quick and mobile so you could eat it on the go.The solution was the MRE. MRE stands for meal ready to eat.MREs are complete and self contained meals in extra tough sealed plastic. MREs have everything from snacks to entire meals. The only thing missing from a MRE is water. MREs are normally around 1,250 calories 51% carbs 36% fat and 12% protein. It may seem like a lot but after 18 hours of work its about what you need to keep you going. Now MREs come in up 24 different meals. MREs are a important part of the UMSC and other branches in the U.S military. food in the USMC The Marines Work cited

Marines.com The History of The USMC The V-22 OSPREY Since 1912 aviation has been a huge part of the USMC. Aviation affected combat a lot by providing transportation and air support. The USMC has the biggest air to ground combat system in the U.S. The USMC needed new ways to provide air to ground support and fast and long-distance transportation.Their solution was the V-22 Osprey. The Osprey can carry up to 24 troops at a time at up too 300 miles an hour. That's twice as fast as a helicopter for up to 500 miles!The Osprey can also provide air support with two machine guns at its side. The Osprey is also a hybrid meaning it can be two different things its engines can turn upwards to turn into a helicopter. That is how the V-22 Osprey affected the Marine Corps. The Halls of Montezuma was a battle with 120 handpicked Marines along with the U.S ARMY. They attacked a castle during the Mexican American war in 1847. The battle was known as The Halls of Montezuma.

In 1805 the U.S stopped paying pirates so they would not attack merchants ships. When the U.S stopped paying them they continued attacking ships the U.S sent Marines in to take care of them. so then lieutenant Presley O`Bannon and his Marines successfully rescue the crew. 1805 Thomas Jefferson sends Marines to fight at The Shores of Tripoli 1880s John Phillip became the leader of the USMC band he wrote The Stars and stripes Forever and Semper Fidelis 1840s Marines gain control of a castle called the Halls of Montezuma in the Mexican American war 1890s Sgt. John Quick risked his life to go into the open to signal a cease fire after the USS Dolphin misread a signal and fired on its own Marines because of Sgt. Quick's heroic act he was given the Medal of Honor 1915-1920s The Marines fight in WWI 1941-1945 the Marines fight in WWII 1960s Marines fight in Vietnam 1990s Marines fight in operation Desert Storm The History of the USMC 1770s continental congress met and made the United States Marine Corps on November 10 1775 By Alex Marshall The Marines The Equipment of the USMC The USMC use a wide range of weaponry including the M16A3 or M16A4* the standard assault rifle, (shown on the right) the M9,the Baseball frag grenade,the concussion/stun grenade,the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon.All of the gear in this list are very important to The Marine Corps the M16A3 or M16A4 is used in most operations but so is the M249 SAW shooting the 5.56 NATO round it just depends on what the man is like a standard rifleman uses a M16A3 or M16A4 both shooting the 5.56 NATO round just like the M249 SAW.The standard secondary is the M9 it is a 9mm pistol.The standard sniper rifle for the Marine Corps is the M110 shooting the 7.62mm round,M40 series of rifles all shooting the 308 and the M82A1 shooting the 50.caliber BMG.Every weapon listed above is used by the USMC and are all very important but the deadliest weapon in the USMC is the Marine himself every Marine is trained for a hard long 9 months a very tough period of time for a very tough Marine. *three round burst M16A4 instead of the full-auto M16A3 The Halls of Montezuma The Shores of Tripoli Iwo Jima Iwo Jima was a very important battle in WWII.The island of Iwo Jima would be a good spot for Bombers to land.Iwo Jima is between Japan and America in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.It took 36 days to capture.The most famous parts of the battle were probably the 2 flag raisings.The first flag was raised at 10:20,but it was to small so they had to hike down the mountain again 2006 Marines Special Operations Command is created to get a new flag.A total of 7,000 Marines Died and 21,000 Japanese soldiers died.27 Marines were given a Medal of Honor the most given in any U.S. Military battle. Work Cited Marines.com Google Buy Marine Corps gear,clothing,lighters and more MARSOC compared to the Navy SEALs MARSOC or Marine Special Operations Command are the Navy SEALS of the Marine Corps. MARSOC training is actually very similar to BUDS or Navy SEAL training. They go to the same dive schools and have very similar requirements.MARSOC was established on February 24,2006 and are still operating today. The primary goal of the Toys for Tots program is to deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters that will assist them into becoming responsible, productive, patriotic citizens. Toys For Tots Foundation A retired Marine named Bill Hedricks, founded Toys for Tots. Go to www.ToysForTots.org for more information. Remember to donate a toy to a child at Christmas. MARSOC stands for Marine Special Operations Command. MARSOC Marines are able to do multiple things they can go from working on a car to working on a gun to setting up a satellite. MARSOC Marines start out as a regular Marines go through boot camp and then have a option to go through MARSOC training witch includes SEAL diving school under water demolition school and more.
MARSOC Marines go on missions around the world I think that they should have been the ones to take out Bin Laden. The SEALS have already proved them selves powerful and right now are in the middle of Americas attention MARSOC has never done any thing really big that has been revealed to the public and are not known as well as the SEALs. About MARSOC Table of Contents slide 1 cover slide 2 table of contents slide 3 food in the USMC slide 4 the osprey slide 5 history of the USMC slide 6 halls of Montezuma,shores of Tripoli slide 7 gear in the USMC slide 8 MARSOC slide 9 Iwo Jima slide 10 advertisement USMC apparel slide 11 advertisement-Toys for Tots slide 12 work cited My opinion on the mission Bin Laden was killed
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