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Marilyn Monroe

No description

Alyssa Avila

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Marilyn Monroe

Marriges She was married 3 times, and divorced 3 times.
James Dougherty,
Joe Dimaggio,
Arthur Miller,
Always in & out of relationships
Married at a young age (16) By: Alyssa Avila
4th period Birth Date - Death Date Born June 1st, 1926 and died August 5th, 1962.

She was 36 Years Old when she died

She was born and raised in Los Angeles California, which is also where she mysteriously died.

She supposably died of a Drug Overdose ( Nembutal,Seconal & Chloral Hydrate) The Life Of Mariyln Monroe Always in and out of Foster Homes.

Previously Attempted suicide .

Mental Instability ran in her family.

Her Mother was Schizophrenic

Both her Uncle & Grandfather commited suicde and hung themselves.
Shes had many misscarriges

And this is why people believe that she was suicidal Who Was Mairlyn Monroe? She was an
American Actress
known for being
Biggest sex symbol
Blonde Bombeshell The Suicide Supposedly swolled more than 5o pills
Had No Glass Of Water to swallow the pills, later a glass Appeared in the room.
The water in her home was Turned Off for renovations
High level of drugs found in her bloodstream was Impossible and is enough to kill around 3 people Police Were Sloppy With The Investigation Some samples from her stomach and intestines had gotten Distroyed an went Missing, before being tested for drugs.
Tissue samples that were sent out never were really "Sent Out"
Incomplete phone records and toxicology test were Never Done.
Chief toxicologist Ralph Abernethy kept insisting Monroes death Was A Suicide so he wouldn't have to run test.
Monroe was declared dead when police were Off Duty.
When police were called to the scene on August 4th at 11pm they Didnt Show Up until 4 in the morning Fingers Pointed At Kennedy Brothers & Mafia Monroe had Sexual Relationships with the brothers
Monroe knew something about the Kennedy's that put their career at Risk.
She kept Notes & Letters about the Kennedys
She knew alot about the Mafia because of the kennendys
Mafia uses a Certain Drug to kill people and the same drug was Found in Monroe's body. Thank You!! The Government would want people to believe she committed suicide, that way it would be used as a cover-up as to everybody finding out she slept with the Kennedy's. Marilyn Monroe Cover-Up She wasn't in a depression at the time

Had Plans for the fututre & was very exited for them (Shakespearen plays)

Promised her psychiatrist she had thrown all her pills in the toilet She Couldn't Have Been??? Its been 50 years since Marilyn Monroe's death and nobody really knows the truth aboout what happened that night. So many questions will continue to be asked but will be left unanswered.
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