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Powerpoint: Kyoto, Japan

Its Kyoto!

Yami Dawn

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Powerpoint: Kyoto, Japan

By Sierra Leib
Period 6 Kyoto, Japan Kyoto has one of the top universities in Japan
Their language is cool
Japan is the home of Manga and Anime Main Reasons Why I Want To Go Here Kyoto’s record high is 39.8 degrees Celsius in August
Kyoto’s record low is -11.9 degrees Celsius in January
Kyoto’s most snowfall is 3.1 inches in February
Kyoto’s highest average snowy day is 3.9 in February
The highest precipitation is 8.677 inches in July Geographical/Weather Info History in a Nutshell Kyoto used to be the capitol of Japan for 10 centuries from 794bc to 1858ad
Kyoto is the only large Japanese city that still has a large quantity of prewar buildings
Kyoto was known for a short time as Saikyo (meaning “Western capital”)
Kyoto became a city designated by government ordinance on September 1st , 1956 Anrakuji temple is a famous Buddhist Temple which is very popular in cherry blossom season, early summer for its azaleas, and late summer for its leaves of red and orange
Gion Corner is a popular theater where tourists will be provided with short performances of 7 kinds of Japanese traditional arts and entertainment in single setting: Kyoto style Dance, Flower Arrangement, Tea Ceremony, Japanese Harp, Comic Play, Court Music and Puppet Play.
Kyoto Gosho, an Imperial Place, maintains the original place of Kyoto Famous Landmarks Udon and Soba is the ultimate Japanese comfort food
One of Kyoto’s markets, Nishiki-koji Market, sells seafood and deep fried eel bones, their specialty
Arisugu is a 450-year-old family business that once produced swords for the Imperial Household
The goal is to widen the students’ perspectives towards other religions and to deepen their own faith in order to build peace among people of different traditions.
Japanese currency is the Yen Culture: Foods, People, Religion, Currency, and Language The Silver Pavilion doesn't have a trace of silver on it.
Ryoan-ji Temple’s dry rock temple is a puzzle
Eigamura, or Kyoto Toei Studio Park to give it its English name, is a working TV and movie set that doubles as a theme park
Gion, a collection of streets defined by its old wooden buildings, teahouses and exclusive Japanese restaurants, is by far the most famous geisha district in Japan Things to Do and Places to Visit Yen
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