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No description

Sasha Brenton

on 27 July 2015

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Transcript of Alcohol

About Alcohol
Alcohol is an addictive substance found in beer, wine and spirits that causes drunkenness. (Not so fun fact) If too much alcohol is consumed it can cause many forms of cancer in the throat, mouth, tongue, and stomach. It can also cause heart disease, strokes, and many other deadly diseases.
Physical; Dizzy, lose sense of balance, reckless, nausea, feeling sick, memory loss or you could even fall into a coma
Mental/Emotional; You lose your sense of judgement and can make regrettable decisions
Social; Lose friends and reputation. More youth from ages 15-24 reported harmful effects on work or study due to own alcohol use than any other age group.
Spiritual; Tempts you to go against your values.
Support Agencies
There are plenty of agencies who will help and support your condition. Below are some of the many.
YSAS Youth Support Advocacy Service is a non-profit organisation that provides infomation and help for teenagers affected by alcohol
NZ police have many officers that will help give advice and education. School Community Officers are especialy focused on working within schools and will be happy to help.
Drug Youth Helpline tells you about the affects, risks and guidelines involved with drinking alcohol. They also have a 24hour helpline.
Youth Line works with young people, their families and those supporting young people they ensure young people know where to get help and can access support when they need it.
Headspace is a digital health platform, providing guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training. Its like a gym membership for the mind but no exersise is involved.
Solutions already achieved
-From 18 December 2013 a $10,000 fine was introduced if anyone advertised; free alcohol, discounts of 25 percent or more, or if the advert has special appeal to minors.
-The TV can only play one alcohol ad per hour however there are no restrictions on the amount of Anti-alcohol ads played.
The Issue
Alcohol ads are unintentionally appealing to the wrong audiences, even though there are laws that reduce television ads they are still seen by teens in many other forms such as billboards, sports sponsorships, the internet, newspapers, and more. This advertising is encouraging teens to drink alcohol which is not good for their personal health and wellbeing.
60% of 1053 think that alcohol advertising encourages teens to drink alcohol even when alcohol advertising is meant to be solely directed to adults.
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Solutions for this issue
- The government could stop playing ALL alcohol ads so that teenagers don't get inticed to buy alcohol.
-Be aware of factors that may increase the risk of teen alcohol use and work to reduce them.
-Work with schools ,communities,and goverment to protect teens from underage alcohol use to ensure that all laws about underage alcohol use are well-known and enforced.
-Be a postive adult role model. So that teens do not associate alcohol with a good lifestyle
Does Alcohol Advertising affect teenagers
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