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No description

Sophia Penuela

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of Education

by: sophia, sydney, nikola, and sam
-essential job duty : plan & prepare activities and lesson plans, create a positive educational environment, grade assignments, and meet performance goals, evaluate students to better teach them
-who might be interested? anyone interested in a specific subject and that works well with children & young adults, with an outgoing and upbeat personality
Elementary Teacher
College Professor
Physical Education Teacher
Special Ed Teacher
Administrative Office
School counselor

physical education
-The C.E.O. of the school district
-Makes important decisions about the educational programs, spending/budgets, and central staff
-For example, if the funding for a school program were to be cut in order to conserve money (due to other reasons such as government public school funding budget cuts), that would be the superintendent's decision
-Superintendents make an above average salary of $77,000 to $158,000 dollars per year, a little bit more than teachers
Bonus Points
Who is our superintendent?
Public school Teacher
Career description: A school counselor is both a counselor and educator who works in elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools to provide academic, career, college readiness, to help socially and academically
Education necessary: You have to earn a four year undergraduate degree, a bachelors degree in education or psychology, a "master of education in counseling" degree, and it usually takes about two years of practical experience in order to become licensed as a counselor by the state
Entry level wages and wage ranges: The average annual income of school counselors is $56,160 but it can range from as low was $31,850 to as high as $86,870 a year
Essential job duty: To make you feel comfortable at school and to help you with anything from friends to grades and to be there when you are in need of something
Who might be interested in this job: Anyone who is: patient, tolerant, fair, motivational, and a problem solver. Also if you have excellent communication, and goal setting skills
career description: a physical education teacher/coach teaches students how to care for your fitness health. they help giving students experience to learn how to take care of their bodies health. they also can teach/coach certain sports of there desire. some volunteer to mentor students that have trouble with health.
education necessary: you are required to have a 4 year under graduate degree. a bachelor degree of internship or student teaching. some states require masters degree. it only takes up to 4 years max. an average salary income for a physical education is $54,160 a year.
essential job duties/responsibilities: help students learn the ways of how to take of their bodies. can also mentor kids that need help with their health.
people who are most likely to earn a job as a coach: people who care for there own health. people who were enjoyed when working out there health (sports outdoor things ext.)
-career description : teaches students k-12 in english, math, science, and history with constructive techniques
-education necessary : Bachelor’s degree in a teacher education program and a teaching license
-entry level wages : around $40,00
-salary range : $40,000-$68,000 and $53,000 as the median wage


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