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Delta - Changing Futures, Changing Lives

No description

Christie McHaney

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Delta - Changing Futures, Changing Lives

Delta - Changing Futures, Changing Lives
Howard Allentoff, Chief Human Resources Officer
The Importance of Recognizing Success
Bill Nance, Chief Operating Officer
You Make A Difference
Josh Wiener, Vice President of Admissions
Get Started
Fiscal Year - 2013-2014 Recognition
Admissions Honor Roll
Achieving 80+ Adult Net Starts
Belinda Grant, Fayetteville Campus

Daniel Gurganus, Wilmington Campus

Pamela Turner, Lynchburg Campus

Joshua Barnett, Online

Tara Robinson, Shreveport Campus

Elaine Simpson, Online
Admissions Honor Roll
Achieving 80+ Adult Net Starts
Laurie Bazzle, Charleston Campus

Matt McGowan, Online

Colt Harness, Jacksonville Campus

Joel Lynn, Online

Ernest Beaver, Conway Campus
Admissions Summa Cum Laude High School Presenters % to Goal
Erin Kowalsky, Tucson Campus

Jesse Roberts, Conway Campus

Lori Kane, Wilkes-Barre Campus

Rachel Merritt, Jacksonville Campus

Jarred Williams, Shreveport Campus

Randy Snedeker, Dickson City Campus
Highest Number of Net Starts From Campus Generated Leads
Highest Provisional Start Rate
Atlanta Campus
Highest Net Start Rate
Sunbury Campus
Greatest Improvement in Net Starts YOY 2013-2014
Online 26%
Highest % to Total
Incoming Goal
Tucson Campus
John Olsen, Chief Executive Officer
Changing Futures, Changing Lives
Admissions Magna Cum Laude
Special Recognition
Admissions Summa Cum Laude
Achieving 100+ Adult Net Starts
Whitnie Zacharias, Conway Campus

LaKeisha Jones, Conway Campus
Kitty Kautzer, Chief Academic Officer
Program Development
Most Valuable Players
Jen Leach, Allentown Campus

Nancy Harrell, Cary Campus

Deana Southerland, Raleigh Campus

Elizabeth Fogle, Troy Campus

Kelly Fisher, Allentown Campus

Mischelle Moyer, Carlisle Campus

Most Improved
Library Utilization Data
Monroe Campus, 1553%

Conway Campus, 375%

Greenville Campus, 334%

Wilmington Campus, 286%
Registrar Award of Excellence
Patricia Latham, Wyomissing Campus

Justin Allabaugh, Dickson City Campus

Sarah Jarmon, Cary Campus

Jamie Hanshaw, Springboro Campus

Amanda Ramey, Columbus OH Campus

Carmen Oviedo, Senior Vice President of Community Outreach and Career Services
2014 Top Dog
Highest Overall Placement %
Sherry Castrine
Wilkes-Barre Campus
Most Improved Placement YOY
John Estorge
Nikki Nickels
Rachel Gavette
Greenville Campus 25%
Career Services - Elite 80
80% or Higher Placement
Jacksonville Campus, 86%

Dickson City Campus, 85%

Augusta Campus, 84%

Tucson Campus, 84%

Rookie of the Year
Mid-Year Placement Turnaround
Sarah Hoffing, Sunbury Campus

Chris Osborne, Columbus GA Campus
Pillar Award
Highest EBITDA Contribution
Atlanta Campus, 50.72%

Cary Campus, 7.05%

Wyomissing Campus, 7.03%
Thank you for all that you do to help change futures and change lives
Award of Excellence
Fewest SAP Defects
Wyomissing Campus

Cary Campus
Best Internal Audit Score
Full Time Enrollments %
Atlanta Campus, 90%
Chattanooga Campus
Highest Retention
Rate from FY14 CAR
Tucson Campus, 86%
Highest % of Ground Population Hybrid Learning
Sharonville Campus, 58.41%

Springboro Campus, 49.15%
Highest % of
Retained Employees for the Year
Admissions Honor Roll
30+ High School Starts
Deondra Diggs, Clarksville campus

Stephen Stone, Wyomissing campus
Highest Completion Rate
for Hybrid Students
Carlisle Campus, 81.2%

Cary Campus, 77.7%
Hazleton Campus, 81%

Chattanooga Campus, 80%

Cary Campus, 80%

Lynchburg Campus, 80%

Fayetteville Campus, 80%
MJCC Online, 88.9%

Atlanta Campus, 87.5%

MMC Online, 81.6%

Lynchburg Campus, 79.2%
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