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Maths Daily 3

Daily 3 for Maths outline of how it works.

Brett Costin

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Maths Daily 3

Math by Myself.
Math by Myself.
Independent practice of key concepts and personal strategies or goals.
Math by Myself: What does it look like?
Paper Practice. Number facts etc.
Maths Writing
Maths Writing
Maths Journal writing out thinking:
How did you solve the problem?
What steps did I take?
The strategy that helped me most was..?
In real life I could use this too..?
Maths Writing
Express and Articulate their learning.
Develop literacy and vocabulary of mathematics.
Assist to develop concept into long term memory.
Creating independence
Maths Daily 3
Developing Independence in Maths
Developing independence and retention of ideas.
Extending understanding through a variety of activities.
Maths workbook page
Mathletics (Technology)
Khan Academy
Single person puzzles
Writing out and working through word problems
Developing Vocabulary

Daily 3 (MAGIC)
Principle 1: Articulating goals
Principle 2: Making connections
Principle 3: Fostering engagement
Principle 4: Differentiating challenges
Principle 5: Structuring lessons
Principle 6: Promoting fluency and transfer
Sullivan, Peter. "Teaching Mathematics: Using Research-informed Strategies." ACER Research. Australian Council for Education Research, n.d. Web. 4 Sept. 2014.
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