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This is a graphic novel interpretation of 1984.

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Hannah Martin

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of This is a graphic novel interpretation of 1984.

By Hannah and Becky
1984 Graphic Novel
This cartoon represents Big Brother always watching people and the emphasis on how every little movement is being watched.
The use of animation allows the illustrator to convey a more emphasized and exaggerated interpretation of 1984.
Scene 4
Here is a picture that represents people against the regime and the protests that took place. The woman standing has similar resemblance to the woman from the World War 2 posters.
Many relevant topics of World War 2, a time near to when the novel was written, has influenced George Orwell's prediction of 1984.
Scene 2
This picture portrays the idea of thought criminals, and how the government controlled the police.
The consistent poster of Big Brother is present in this picture.
Scene 3
Scene 1
This is a graphic novel interpretation of 1984.
Here is the children, the new generation, being brought up and influenced in a violent dictatorship. This cartoon represents a similar generation as the Nazi Hitler Youth Group, in World War 2. It conveys the violence and regimentation the children in 1984 experienced and the dictatorship society.
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