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Copy of Prezi Brainstorming Template

created by Prezi

Liz Thiebe

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Prezi Brainstorming Template

"Mind Mapping" Method
Main Idea/Problem Statement
employers and educators needs a way to intentionally connect students to work placements with specific learning outcomes because students will benefit from seeing the work-school relationship as a continuous learning path
employers sponsor high school students and if they meet criteria, provide money for university
mentor ideas
offer award for volunteer work
work placement gives certificate which is used to apply for university placement

give class credit for work experience when it meets class requirements
assign a work mentor to student
peer to peer mentor assignment
create an action learning set for students and mentors
create two different learning sets to help students and employers support each other
link employers to faculty
share learning objectives in the classroom with employers
share progress in the work place with faculty
invite employers to spend a day in the classroom with their student
give each student who completes work objectives an Ipad
pre-work placement offer students a taster day with employers to shadow someone linked to the work
joint appraisal of students with employer and teacher
develop peer coaches from age 14
continue coaching until first college degree is finished
when they student finishes university degree job offer with employer is made
classroom is physically located within the work place
teachers are the employers
learn by doing
all learning happens with rapid application of theory
first part of day is for theory, the second part of school day for workplace application
apply theory to virtual workplace
schedule monthly performance reviews with teacher/virtual employer, use these to adjust learning objectives and find the opportunities to apply learning
virtual workplace could be a bank, hospital, factory, art gallery, library, farm, etc.
3 solutions
the most practical is to create a credit link between the work placement and the academic subject. This will require clear learning outcomes and agreement between the teacher and employer. The work place and the school need to be in sync with each other to maxmise the impact for the student. Ideally, a maths student for example, could apply theory to a work situation where analytical thinking is used. So, the work placement could be a marketing firm, conducting surveys and then analysing the data for use

The most disruptive is to place the school in the same space as the work place. It would require a complete rethink about where education happens. The infrastructure required to accommodate students in a work environment, especially with small companies could be enormous. Teachers would have to see themselves as employees of a company or organsiation as well as a teacher
My favourite is this. Create a virtual world. One that can be accessed on line. It would have lots of organisations with lots of jobs to try out. It would be as real as possible, with work place challenges like difficult employees, harassment, challenging targets, challenges with team work etc. The student would learn the theory in the morning class and then go apply it within their 'virtual' work place. This would then be followed up with mentoring and feedback to understand the learning and lessons
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