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TOK Presentation

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Brittany Scites

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of TOK Presentation

What ethical and social implications would be involved if there was complete governmental gun control? Real Life Situations Pro Gun 80 Year Old Man Shoots Invader Chicago Laws Changes in the Chicago laws "How are we going to protect our homes without guns?" the son said. "That gun law should be abolished. You don't need guns on the street, but you need them in the home for protection." Anti Gun Virginia Tech Shootings Laws with regards to this incident Tighter Constraints Pros Less available, less death Prevents accidents Gun Ownership and Homicide Reduce crime Less Violence Stops jealousy Cons Different uses Protection Yourself Others Responsibility Character Security Guaranteed Recreation The Math Right to protect 80 times more in self-defense The criminals Justice Department Three out of five 57% of criminals The Second Amendment 25% Less than 2% Twice as many DC vs Indianapolis 69 per 100,000 9 per 100,000 Ethics Do more people die because of guns, or would they still die if they were illegal? If guns were outlawed, would the criminals still get them, therefore raising the rate of violence? Language If people are warned, can that prevent deaths--like in the VT shootings, or the DC sniper? History The Second Amendment Social What effects do mass shootings have on society? Columbine High School Virginia Tech DC Sniper Conclusion Pros of Guns Cons of Guns MOVING FORWARD
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