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California Penal Codes 11164-11174.3 (Child Abuse)

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Ashley Kim

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of California Penal Codes 11164-11174.3 (Child Abuse)

California Penal Codes 11164-11174.3 (Child Abuse)
Primary Research: Interview
Manya Khobami

Therapist at Strength United.

Years of Experience:
Graduated in 2013. She has been with Strength United (formally known as Valley Trauma Center) since 2009 as an intern. She's one of the counselors at Strength United , and she intends to get her Master's in Therapy by next year. She's completed over 250 hours at Strength United.
Yes, the counselors at Strength United are informed about the California Penal Codes that protect the rights of a child.
Emotional and sexual abuse is the worst because it damages the child mentally. Being told they're not wanted, that they are stupid. Their sense of self personhood is damaged. Physical abuse is harmful for the child, but I believe that the internal damage is worse because bruises and scars can heal.
Definitely, increase. I'm not sure about the most recent overall statistics, but I do know that younger girls are the target for child abuse more than boys are. But young boys also do get involved in child abuse. From what I remember about 3/5 of every girl is abused. By abused I mean any sort of abuse.
"To protect children from abuse and neglect. In any investigation of suspected child abuse or neglect, all persons... shall do whatever is necessary to prevent psychological harm to the child victim."
What Exactly is Child Abuse?
What is your most effective strategy for the child abuse statistics to decrease?
What are the California Penal Codes?
Child Abuse: any maltreatment and molestation to a child physically, mentally, and sexually.
: 1872
- Anyone under the age of 18 is labeled as a child.
I was interested in Strength United compared to all the other shelter clinics because Strength United works in partnership with CSUN, and they even state themselves as "unique among social service agencies [and] its ability to bring together students, faculty and researchers in its work, providing direct services to clients while developing a greater understanding of the field and preparing students for careers in related areas."
Their Mission Statement:
"Strength United is dedicated to ending abuse, empowering families and developing leaders."
The increase in child abuse is due to the fact that the economy is harming more children with abusive cases. The budget cuts prevent programs and researches to look into child maltreatment.
Prevention. Prevention is always the best measure, but problems in the economy lead to budgets cuts and lack of education in these situations. Therefore, there's a faster increase in child abuse. The economy is going down, unfortunately, and there's nothing we can do about that. But definitely prevention is best thing. Going around and educating people can be the best way.
Are you aware of the Penal Codes?
Even with the Penal Codes enacted in our laws and policies, do you see an increase or decrease in child abuse over the past few years?
What type of abuse is most harmful for a child: physical, emotional, or sexual?
Penal Codes are used to describe the punishments to individuals who break a certain law.
* Visually
Mandated witness fails to report abuse: 6 months and $1,000
Mandated witness fails to report death (or great bodily injury) from abuse: 1 year and $5,000
Are the Penal Codes effective for child abuse?
Are the Penal Codes effective in purposes such as child abuse?
The increase in child abuse actually is not connected to lack of laws and policies; it's due to the change in the economy.
I conducted an interview with a series of questions that lead into on another. I started with a question to reinforce Manya's memory with the Penal Codes, and then ended the interview with a strategy she has to decrease the number of abused children.
- But before I started to ask the questions, I asked for her occupation title and her years of experience.
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