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Famous Filipino Painters

No description

Carlo Delos Santos

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Famous Filipino Painters

Famous Filipino
Painters and their works.
Many ethnic groups have melded to form the present day Philippines. Colonial rule and the influence of the US, Spain and Japan have all left their mark while there is still much resistance to losing traditional values. Art expression is varied and unrestricted and since the 1990s regional areas have come to the fore. Support from the state has been erratic. Artists are struggling against the onslaught of capitalist developments and art for investment. Introduction -The Delicate veil over the Virgin's
head and shoulders is transparent to
the point of appearing almost visible.

-Cloth folds and curve of figures'
clothing appear quite realistic.

-Damian Domingo uses color and drama
with control.

-The painting depicts three generations
of the Holy Family. "Most well-known painting by Filipino artist.
-A building or chamber where the dead bodies
of gladiators were taken to be stripped of their
armor and weapons prior to disposal of their
-Symbol of 'our social, moral, and political life:
humanity unredeemed, reason and aspiration in
open fight with prejudice, fanaticsm, and justice." -He derive his subject matter from
classical antiquity .

-He brought out the Drama of the moment. -In rice planting, the backlighting technique manifested wherein figures are outlined againts a characteristic glow, and intense light on one part of the canvas highlights nearby details. -Best known mural of francisco
-It shows his description about
the History of Manila. Watch this! Domingo became the painter of choice of Manila's prominent class. He not only developed genre painting but also portraiture. His fame became so widespread that even Governor-General Mariano Ricafort (1825-1830) sat for him. Domingo realized the value of formal art education, and moved his peers and students to study art in a rigorous way attuned to the Western world.
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