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GROW Summer-Fall 2014 Informational

No description

Cullen Naumoff

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of GROW Summer-Fall 2014 Informational

What's the structure?
Summer-Fall 2014 Application
Who is a GROW candidate?
GROW participants are budding entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business, expand their network, and gain insight from experienced successful entrepreneurs. GROW applicants are required to meet the following criteria:
Additional Value-Add
FREE Co-Working space "415 At the Alliance"
Entrepreneurial Mentoring by Kanawha Valley seasoned professionals
GROW exclusive crowd-funding event
1 year complimentary Alliance Membership ($365 value)
GROW Resource Network pro-bono advising
Access to Alliance networking events
Access to university internships
As a GROW member, you participate in a three pronged approach to assist you in "growing" your business, pun intended. Which includes the following:
6 total seminars on relevant business topics
Conducted by regional higher education professors, and established community entrepreneurial guests
Hosted at the Charleston Area Alliance
Events are catered
Monthly Business Coaching Sessions
6 (at minimum) one-on-one meetings with our SBDC business coach - chances are you'll want more
Conducted on site at the Alliance in co-working room "415 At the Alliance" (another benefit of GROW)
Our business coach was rated as being "Very Valuable" to 93% of previous GROW participants
Monthly "Virtual Board" Peer Group Meetings
Meet with a subset of GROW participants to discuss real-life, current business issues and opportunities
Facilitated by our business coach to provide experienced insight and next steps toward executing strategic projects
Apply Now!
Program Fees?
Yes, there is a program fee. But at $250, it's easy to see how you're getting a lot of bang for your buck! Even more, after successfully completing the program, you receive $100 BACK to reinvest in your business. All GROW participants also gain access to a GROW exclusive crowd-funding event with the possibility of winning over $1,000 to invest in your business. Crazy, right? Well, it's true.
GROW is a 6 month intensive training program. Participants must be willing to commit
approximately 4 hours per month
, over a 6 month period, to GROW activities including education sessions, business coaching, and virtual boards. The average Facebook user spends 7 hours on Facebook per month, invest that time in building your entrepreneurial business skills! We are now accepting applications for our summer-fall 2014 GROW class, apply online at the link below!

For additional information contact Cullen Naumoff at CNaumoff@CharlestonAreaAlliance.org
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