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Augustus Waters Daniella Haghighi

Augustus characterization

Daniella Hagh

on 21 December 2013

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Transcript of Augustus Waters Daniella Haghighi

Augustus Waters

“but then I heard a voice that was definitely a twisted version of his say, ‘BECAUSE IT IS MY LIFE, MOM. IT BELONGS TO ME.’” (139)
Bob Marley - Gonna be All Right
(the whole song)

"It’s a metaphor, see: You put the killing thing between your teeth, but don't give it the power to do its killing." (20)

This quote is explaining how Augustus Waters has changed from the somewhat- healthy boy in the beginning of the story, to a corrupt one towards the end. Augustus Waters was known to be a man who was very strong and brave. He fought a battle with cancer before, making him very durable and powerful. His experiences shaped him to be the most passionate and rich human. This is what attracted Hazel Grace. She saw him as a regular person whom never have had cancer before. No matter what she did, she tried to act as if he was normal and the usual teenager, even though in the beginning she learned that he had cancer and his leg was amputated because of it. Also towards the end she tries to act as if he is just a normal guy with cancer, but she realizes, he is becoming frail. Now he is again facing another battle with cancer, growing weaker and weaker. He is becoming delicate and fragile. She saw him like this because he had no control of this situation he was in. He drove to the gas station to pick up cigarettes, and ran into a problem with his g tube. Hazel had to come and rescue him. He no longer was able to do anything for himself and this really was affecting Hazel as well. This song is related to Augustus during this time because it is showing how he is now becoming weaker with his “song” or cancer. The singer in this song is saying that he is killing her softly with his song. And Augustus us "killing" or hurting Hazel with his cancer. He is also making the people around him very fragile like his family. This song also has a bittersweet tone to it because it has a very calm acoustic background while the lady is singing so passionate. This explains things with Augustus and Hazel because Gus is hurting and dying, but he really loves Hazel. When he dies, there will be a sense of comfort that he is not suffering anymore, which is the sweet part, but he is leaving Hazel alone, which is the bitter part. Hazel feels that she was the one who was being saved from her cancer when she was hurting, but now she has to save Augustus from dying. She feels like she was once so dependent on Augustus and that Augustus was able to take that. He has changed from the beginning of the book from someone who was so independent and controlling of various situations into a person who is so dependent on others and someone who is just ready to end his life.

"'Oh, I'm grand.' August Waters smiled with a corner of his mouth. 'I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend.'" (11)

This quotation represents how Augustus Waters will never back down. Even though a roller coaster has many bumps and curves throughout the way, the roller coaster that Gus is on is going up. He encounters many problems, but stays as optimistic as he can get. He is positive throughout his life, even though there are many hard bumps and curves along the way. For example, he had cancer and had to get his leg amputated. He had cancer, but he overcame that in the beginning of the book. He had cancer, but used his problem as a way to show people that you should be thankful for what you have. He spread positivity using his sarcasm for his disability. Never in the book does he complain about having only one foot. He is thankful for everything he has in life. This song has a mood that shows that everything is going to be alright and that you should not sweat it. Instead, you should use it to create something bigger. Augustus knows that everything is going to be alright no matter where he ends up. This tone really relates to Augustus throughout the book because it is very chill and placid.
That Power - Will.i.am feat. Justin Bieber
This quotation represents how Augustus Waters likes to have the power to control some things. Many times, people can’t control their cancer, they have to live with it and that’s how Hazel feels and Augustus felt. Augustus not smoking cigarettes shows the he is rebellious and he craves the power he did not have when he had cancer. He doesn't smoke cigarettes because he doesn't want the cigarette to have the benefit of killing him. He can actually be in control when he is taking the cigarettes. But when he had cancer, it showed that he didn't really have control of the situation that could have resulted in his death. This song has an upbeat to it and explains that he has the power and he choices to be powerful. This song also explains that he feels alive when he has control over his life and death. He craves to be in that kind of control. So this quote and song is explaining how he enjoys being in control and having the power because it makes him feel alive and not powerless.
“I liked Augustus Waters. I really, really, really liked him. I liked the way his story ended with someone else. I liked his voice. I liked that he took existentially fraught free throws. I liked that he was a tenured professor in the Department of Slightly Crooked Smiles with a dual appointment in the Department of Having a Voice That Made My Skin Feel More Like Skin. And I liked that he had two names. I've always liked people with two names, because you get to make up your mind what you call them: Gus or Augustus?” (31)

This quote is explaining that Augustus is genuine and perfectly imperfect. It is also explaining how he made Hazel feel so good just being himself. He made her happy with just his presence and the way he smiled. Everything about him to Hazel was so perfect, even though he wasn't the perfect, ideal person. Hazel loved him so much for his sarcastic and optimistic personality. This song has to do with a person being perfect just the way he or she is. This songs describes the characterization of Augustus and how the way he carries himself, like his smile and his voice. Also that when Augustus smiles, the whole world stops and stares for a while, because he is amazing, just the way he is. This song has a tone that is really loving and genuine.
Just The Way You Are- Bruno Mars
(the whole song)
Catching My Breath- Kelly Clarkson
This quote is explaining that Augustus likes control over his life. He also wants to live his life for every moment. When he yells at his mom, telling her that he wants to go to Amsterdam, he yells at her because he wants control of the situation and he wants to have a good time while he is still living. He really loves to live his life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it. He dives into becoming good friends with Hazel because he really likes to get to enjoy life with people. When he figures out that his cancer is back, it makes him more of a determined person to live up to every moment, because it could be his last. He is very determined, controlling, and optimistic so he goes on the trip with Hazel no matter the consequences. He has a positive mindset of "now or never". If he did not go on the trip with Hazel by yelling at his mother, he would not of got to know Hazel as well as he did. They created a bond after the trip, that could never be separated. They had something special. This song really reflects what the quote is trying to say about Augustus because the song has a tone that is very controlling and a tone of not backing down. It is saying that this is his life and he will live it. Cancer also cannot push him down. Nobody will hold Augustus back from having fun because he has cancer. He knows what's best for him, so he will chase what he wants because he is so determined.
“He looked up at me. It was horrible. I could hardly look at him. The Augustus Waters of the crooked smiles and unsmoked cigarettes was gone, replaced by this desperate humiliated creature sitting there beneath me.” (245)
Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly With His Song
“But, Gus, my love, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. I wouldn't trade it for the world. You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I'm grateful." (260)
This quote is explaining how Hazel really enjoyed the time she spent with Augustus. She loved the way his attitude and personality would just comfort her and make the best out of everything. He was such a caring and compassionate person, someone who you can never forget. Even though he has passed, she knows that she loved the time she spent with him and she is so thankful for every minute. This song has tune that is mixed; it is both happy and sad. Hazel feels like it was a privilege being with the caring Augustus and she wouldn’t change it for anything, even though she misses him and his crooked smile a lot. This song also is explaining how "you used to call me your angel, said I was sent from heaven. I loved the way you felt so strong". This relates to Hazel and Gus's situation because Gus made Hazel feel so comfortable with who she was and she was so confident and hopeful. He really had a way of being someone who was there for people and gave a positive atmosphere. She misses Augustus so much, and she sheds many tears. She will never let go of what they had and she will always keep Augustus a memory because he was a person who was so vibrant and authentic. Every second with Augustus was like making many new memories that would be engraved into your mind. He wasn't boring, Augustus actually kept you on your toes wanting more. Augustus was just such a great person, friend, and son that nobody would forget. Hazel was so grateful that someone stepped into her life like that because without Augustus, Hazel would be such a different person.
I Miss You- Miley Cyrus
The Fault in Our Stars
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