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CHEM 151 Final Project Presentation

Fall 2013 Semester

Ndekela Sakala

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of CHEM 151 Final Project Presentation

• Questions
o Which paint bind
will help to create the best color durable qualities?
o Can a mixture of
t binders work efficiently?
Water was the bes

ussian blue paint binder due to its polarity.
The mixture of binder

rked efficiently in the forest green due to the nume
properties granted by the mixture.
• Reasons for Accuracy: Perc
For every .3 grams of
blue made, only .241 grams was produced.
For every .3 grams of forest
that was made, only 0.153 grams was produced.
o Products were formed
 Less products were created
than expec
• Certain conditions weren’t met
• Dynamic equilibrium vs. comple
• Improvements for the future
o Create extra paints just in case of l
s of substances or in case reactions does not proceed as ex
o Also create more so all paint pigments have one control and at least one other variable to compare pigments

It's time to analyze
Experimental Design
Prussian Blue
.287 grams
.408 grams
50 mL beaker
Extract onto weighing paper and leave to dry
Separate, add paint binders, and mix!
Paint Binder 1 (Water/control)
0.5 mL
Paint Binder 2 (Cooking Oil/hydrophobic)
0.5 mL
Prepare Paint Binders!!!!
Paint Binder 3 (Honey/high viscosity)
0.5 mL
Get to paintin'!!!
Now to

Forest Green
Forest Green
The Mascot (say whaaaa!!!!!)
For prussian blue, water was the best paint binder
Overall, the forest green was the best paint mixture.
.540 g Cu(NO3)2*2.5H2O (Copper (II) Nitrate Hydrate)
.24487g Na2S or 31.3775 mL (Sodium Sulfide)
Chemical Thinking Final Project
Leave to dry
Section 3I
TA: Sam Solano
The Group:
Sam "Princess" Krage
Kala "The Messer-Upper" Sakala
DJ "Selfie-Obsessed" Marlow
Jacky "Nice Girl" Ochoa
Mix them together!!!!
Extract onto weighing paper
• Inorganic pigments are synthesized through chemical reactions that are based on transition metal oxides.
• Transition metals are typically used in the synthesis of inorganic pigments because of the bright and vivid colors they produce.
• Inorganic pigments are used because they do not bleed, are heat and light stable and are much cheaper than organic pigments.
• To determine a set of procedures to create inorganic paint pigments and find a great paint binder
• Questions
o Which paint binder will help to create the best color endurant qualities?
o Can a mixture of paint binders work efficiently?
• Prussian Blue
o The best paint should be made with water
• Forest Green
o The mixture of different paint binders will produce the best paint.

Linseed (0.7 mL)
Honey (0.1 mL)
Ethanol (3 drops from pipette)
Paint on shirt!!!
Iron (III) Chloride Hexahydrate
Potassium Ferrocyanide Trihydrate
Chemistry Lab Fun!!!!
Thank you for EVERYTHING you've done for us, Sam Solano!!!
Put painted shirt with all the paints on it in the washer (no detergent) and air dry.
Chemical Thinking is cool.
We love you!!!!!
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