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Lachlan's 8P Graphics Folio

Graphics Folio

Lachlan Oakshott

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Lachlan's 8P Graphics Folio

Gfx Folio - Lachlan 8P Design Brief: This term in Year 8 Graphics the goal
is to create a brand logo using Adobe
Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, then
creatively present it on both fabric and paper.

We must then create a 'swing tag'
(cardboard tag attached to an item of
clothing) based on the logo we made,
and creatively present this as well,
presenting it on an item of
clothing, for example. This Project has few limitations, but they are still
there. Most of us have limited experience with the software available (Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop)
and so we need to learn quickly due to time restrictions, which is another limitation.

We have until Week 8 of Term 3 to get the entire project finalized and presented. And finally,
we are also limited in the project itself - a swing tag
has extremely limited space we can use to get our
design's message across. Design Limitations A large factor determining the outcome of the
project is our own expectations of what we should be
aiming to achieve. Our criteria decides how much
effort we put into a particular subject of the design, and how we prioritize those subjects.

In my opinion, a logo needs to represent it's company with:

1 - A colour scheme that is typically associated with the
companies' theme.
2 - Shapes that are associated with the company's
theme, portrayed in an interesting way.
3 - Text that is easy to read, but still interesting.
4 - The company name or initials in text.
5 - A design style that typically appeals to the
company audience Design Criteria Oakwear X
Oaks <--
Nintendesigns X
Greenthumb X
Cake X Testing Names (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Logo PMI
Evaluations (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Swing tag PMI Evaluations (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr P: Easy to read.
M: Does not convey the
company's theme - which is
being environmentally friendly.
I: Marble theme in the logo
is unusal, making it stand out. P: Shows the company's
message of being environmentally
M: The text, while being easy to read,
is very plain and boring.
I: The tree in this logo is actually dead,
something I did not realize, and so would
pass on a negative message. P: Easy to read text, shows
an environmental link.
M: Fairly plain, it is easy
to understand but it is not
interesting and will not
stand out.
I: As the background is a
piece of wood, the logo also
doubles as a ready-made
swing tag. P: Gives a very clear message of the
company's theme.
M: Some letters may be hard to read,
and the K & S do not fit in as well as
the O & A.
I: It is interesting how the trees
have been formed into letters P: An interesting and diverse design
M: Too "interesting" - the symbols make it
hard to interpret and in some cases
stereotype the audience, which could insult
potential buyers.
I: The peace sign and whale for the O & A
make for an interesting use of symbols
for letters. P: The leaf background is a good
representation of the company's
M: The text on the leaf is too plain
and boring.
I: Having a leaf as the tag's base rather than
a cardboard rectangle is interesting. P: An interesting representation of a tree.
M: Edges of the tree are sharp and could cut customers.
I: Only half the tag actually has the text on it. P: Appeals to a Canadian audience.
M: The ends of the leaf are too
I: The blend between the tree text
and the leaf is interesting.
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