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Irish Music

No description

on 16 January 2018

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Transcript of Irish Music

Scholars believe original Celts came from Ukraine area down southern coast of Europe.
Heritage in Brittany, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Scotland, and Ireland.
New World: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, The U.S., Australia, and New Zealand.
English tried to eliminate native culture of conquered countries.
In Scotland and Ireland, native music, dance, religion, language and dress outlawed...punishable by death!
Most Common Irish Instruments:

The Bodhrán:
Pronounced bow-ran or bo-ran. Almost anything is okay, as long as the "d" is silent!
Circular drum
May or may not be tunable
May have one or two crosspieces inside it or none.
May have elaborate artwork.
Played with a cipin or tipper.

Irish Whistle
Most commonly in key of D major
Made of nickel or brass
No thumbhole
Only six small holes...pinkies are not used.
Irish Fiddle:
Four strings, played with a bow, usually made of wood
Types of Irish Dance
Jigs: 6/8 time; accent on 1 and 4.
Reels: 4/4 time; accent on 2 and 4.
Slipjigs: 9/8 time: quarter note-eighth note feel to them
Hornpipes:(Slides) 4/4 time with a swing.
Irish Music
Reed instrument, has a bellow, has buttons on each end. Sometimes called "button box"
8 strings, in sets of twos, played by plucking
Irish Flute
Made of wood, no standardization of keys or keyless, played transversely.
Has reeds, a keyboard,and a bellows.

Tenor Banjo
4 strings, long narrow neck, played with a plectrum.
Celtic Harp

Uillean Pipes


Many strings, usually keyed by levers, usually plucked, many sizes.
Has a bellows, a chanter and a drone.
Relatively new to irish music: 8 strings in sets of two. Pairs are tuned an octave apart.

Céad Mile Fáilte

An Irish greeting meaning one hundred thousand welcomes.
Seisiun (Sheshsoon) -
an informal Irish music
A group of Irish musicians.
Should have excellent craic!
The musicians vary.
Craic = news, gossip, fun, entertainment, happy time with people.
Primarily for dancing: Gaelic words, words secondary to rhythm.
Includes music, dance, and many people!

Craic and Ceol
Happy! Enjoying time with people! Music!
Danny Boy
The End!
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