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Copy of Vocab through Context Clues

Learning new words by using context clues

Jennifer Gallant

on 13 September 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Vocab through Context Clues

Context Clues

How would you describe an orange?
Did you use words like:
juicy or succulent?
round or spherical?
delicious or luscious?
bright or vivid?
healthy or nutritious?
fruit or produce?
What's so important about increasing our vocabulary?
A better vocabulary allows you to:
Think better
Communicate better

Why would we want that?
How do you define a new word when reading?
Look it up?
Use context clues?
Definition in sentence
Example or explanation in sentence
Comparison or contrast
familiar words around new one
Sentence includes the definition of the new word:

They had already begun to
the ship, taking it apart piece by piece.
Unknown word followed by examples:

Squares, rectangles, and trapezoids are all
Unknown word is compared OR contrasted with something known:

This year's yard sale was a
. They earned even less money than they did last year.
An idea or conclusion you make about an unknown word
You examine the setting, how the word is used and the words around the unknown word
Usually need more than one sentence to infer the meaning

I like Mary because she's not
. When she has a party, she invites the whole class, not just her best friends.
When Meg heard loud stridency from the neighbor's house, she immediately called the police.
Sometimes you can also decode the root!
Practice writing a meaningful sentence using these words:
voracious - eager, craving or eating a large amount of food
redundant - unnecessarily repetitive
somnolent - sleepy or drowsy
enunciate - to pronounce clearly
ravaged- having been destroyed by force or violence
rampant- recurring or increasing in an unrestrained way
Stridency - noun - harsh sound, shrill noise of high intensity
These are four different ways you could create a context clue.
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