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Lynn Hall Renovation, Hanover College

CM Services Presentation

April Simmons

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Lynn Hall Renovation, Hanover College

Staffing Our First Step: Goal Alignment Quality Management Cost Certainty / Budget Management Preconstruction
CM personnel cost $59,770
Fee Waived
CM personnel cost (includes Supt.) Cost with GMP $258,590
CM general conditions $64,995
Overhead and profit 2.25% to 2.75%
Overhead and profit (at-risk) Included in above
Subcontractors costs Competitive Pricing
Self-performed cost Competitive Pricing
Construction contingency 7.5% that decreases with progress
Guaranteed maximum price Fee Structure GMP Components Questions & Answers Benefits
How to ensure best value
Open book at cost with agreed mark up
Bid with others Self-performance Construction Management Services Presentation
February 12, 2013 Lynn Hall Housing Renovation 20 years of Hanover Experience
Campus knowledge
Know sub community
Established Hanover relationships
Member of John Crowe Society
Extensive student housing experience
5-Year Warranty / Follow-up Program
CM experience
Proponents of current legislature
Self-performance capabilities
Five- Year Warranty / Follow-up Program Why Hagerman Kick off partnering session
Development of teaming agreement
Steering Committee
Comprised of leadership of stakeholders
Improves decision making timeliness for big picture issues
Create a win-win mindset with open communication
Promotes mutual trust and openness for the team
First point of conflict resolution Collaboration Tools “If you don’t know where you’re going,
you’ll probably end up somewhere else.”
-Dr. Lawrence J. Peter Understand the Hanover big picture
Why are we here / project purpose
Project priorities
Definition of success
Understanding the expectations for success of the team
Identification of unified success measures Goal Alignment Process James Goheen
Project Superintendent
Onsite point of contact
35 years of experience
20-year employee
Marietta College, Residence Hall
Mountain State University Student Apartments Jay Bangert
Project Manager
10 years of experience
10-year employee
Ivy Tech Crawfordsville Gary Smith
Project Executive
34 years of experience
34-year employee
10 Hanover College projects Terry Greene
Executive Vice President
36 years of experience
22-year employee
Hanover College projects Introduction of Team Members Site Logistics Hagerman knows the Hanover subcontracting community

11 past project at Hanover plus Ivy Tech - Madison
Have developed relationship with quality local subcontractors
Endeavor to utilize subcontractors with proven Hanover experience Subcontractor Network Preconstruction: Quality Assurance
Understanding of Hanover's expectations
Interpretation of expectations in design documents
Incorporation of industry standard quality standards Satisfied client
Quality product
GMP underrun
Teamwork - collaboration
Schedule achievement
Safe project Common Success Expectations Hanover Schedule Achievement Keys Develop detailed schedule in bid documents
Issue early bid packages
Utilize design assist fro mechanical / electrical work
Subcontractor input / buy-in with construction scheduling
Schedule compliance contract language
60-Day Close Out Program Hagerman Subcontractor Database
Subcontractors from Previous Hanover Work Sitework / Utilities:
Dave O'Mara Construction - North Vernon, IN

Concrete / General Trades:
Bruns-Gutzwiler - Batesville,IN
Repp and Mundt, Inc. - Columbus, IN
Parco Construction - Lousiville, KY
Teton Corporation – Madison, IN (specific items)

Structural Steel:
Geiger & Peter's, Inc. – Indianapolis, IN
Stone City Ironworks, Inc. – Bedford, IN
Tri-State Cold Formed Steel (Fabricator / designer)

Complete Masonry Services – Yorktown, IN
Whaley Construction – Bloomington, IN
Bruns-Gutzwiler - Batesville,IN
Repp and Mundt, Inc. - Columbus, IN
Parco Construction - Lousiville, KY Roofing
HRC Roofing & Sheet Metal Company – Columbus, IN
B & L Sheet Metal and Roofing – Bloomington, IN
Henry C. Smither Roofing Co., Inc. – Indianapolis, IN
Blackmore & Buckner Roofing, LLC – Indianapolis, IN

Glass and Glazing
Hoosier Glass – Indianapolis, IN
Keusch Glass – Jasper, IN
Kenney Glass – Columbus, IN

Drywall Systems
Circle B Construction Systems – Indianapolis, IN
Performance Contracting, Inc – Carmel, IN
Interior Specialties, Inc. – Indianapolis, IN
OK Interiors – Cincinnati, OH

Ceramic Tile / Resilient Flooring
Rosa Mosaic and Tile – Louisville, KY
Chance Brothers Marble and Tile – Indianapolis, IN
Jack Laurie – Indianapolis
Blakely Corp – Indianapolis, IN Painting / Wall covering
Bill Lawrence Co., Inc. – Indianapolis, IN
Hicks Painting – Scottsburg, IN

Mechanical, Plumbing, HVAC
Nading Mechanical, Inc. – Hope, IN
Dunlap and Company – Columbus, IN
A & A Mechanical – Louisville, KY
Witten Brothers – Charlestown, IN

Nading Mechanical, Inc. – Hope, IN
Gaylor Group – Noblesville, IN
Star Electric – New Albany, IN
Majestic Electric Co., Inc. – North Vernon, IN
Steele Beard Electric – Bloomington, IN Integrate key subcontractors into design process to add value

Potential design assist from Nading Mechanical (exclusive Hagerman-Nading relationship)
Seek roofing contractor input (HRC / B&L)
Structural components - work with light gage metal framing speciality firms
Tri-state and formed steel / drywall subcontractors Lynn Hall Housing Renovation Agenda Company Profile
Subcontractor Network
Self Performance
Cost Certainty / Budget Management
Quality Management
Schedule Achievement
Site Logistics
Q & A 105 years of construction partnerships
College and university market focus
Extensive student housing resume
20 years of Hanover experience
11 projects / five housing projects
Campus knowledge
Proven relationship
Indiana firm Company Profile Self-performance Capabilities* What Hagerman Self Performs
Carpentry Benefits of Self-performance
Greater quality control
Better schedule achievement
Better value How We Assure Value
Hagerman bids scope along with others, or
Perform on a cost basis with an agreed upon mark-up *The tradesmen receive a Hagerman check Construction: Quality Control
Quality management team
Top down approach
Quality management steering committee
Quality control manager, superintendent and project manager
Inspections 4-Step Inspection of Quality 1. Preparatory Inspection
Pre-installation meeting with each contractor
30 days prior to mobilization 2. Initial Inspection
Material delivery
Inplace mock-ups
Pre-approval mockup 3. Follow-up Inspection
Routine daily inspection of product to be installed or installed product Additional scope specific programs for concrete and masonry scope of work 4. Completion Inspection
Verifying acceptance of materials prior to next
trade and/or contractor demobilization from site Five-Year Warranty / Follow-up Program
Established in 1983
Measure of performance compared to Hagerman’s expectations
Study of performance of details / materials over five years
Documentation Staff
9-person experienced staff
Broad range of expertise
Conceptual estimating specialists Systems
Integrated electronic digitizers
Building Information Modeling (BIM) Data
Current pricing database
Self-performing experience / capability
Market pricing knowledge 1 S.D
Estimate Value Analysis 2 Design
Development D.D
Estimate Value Analysis 3 Construction Documents
*Added Value* C.D
75% Cost Estimating Process Schematic
Design Project Value Analysis Chain Proposal Prepared by The Hagerman Group Architect/Engineer Design Impacts Hagerman Evaluates Cost & Schedule Impacts Idea Merits Moving Forward
Idea Rejected Moving Forward: Hanover College Review Idea Approved Idea Inception Idea Rejected Our Estimating Track Record (2002-2012) Total Estimated Cost Actual Accepted Bids Under Budget $1,253,284,243 $1,191,788,063 4.5% Estimating Success Key: NO SURPRISES ON BID DAY Construction Phase Cost Management Communication is key Real time communication of cost status
Timely communication of new cost events
Communicate with team for best value solutions
Contingency management Construction Management Services Presentation
February 12, 2013 Added Value in The Hagerman Group Fee Open book approach in staff cost development
Not to exceed value for staff cost with 100% of saving accruing to Hanover
Willing to convert construction fee percentage to lump sum to provide cost certainty
Reasonable construction contingency and willing to decrease value as risk decreases
Willing to put at risk a portion of our profit based on performance achievement Idea Altered Staffing Commitment As members of The Hagerman Group Hanover College Team for the Lynn Hall Renovation, we understand the project schedule and pledge that we have time available to ensure success and commit in good faith to lead the project to completion.
By ________________________________ By ____________________________
Gary Smith, Project Executive Jay Bangert, Project Manager
By ______________________________________
Jim Goheen, Project Superintendent
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