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No description

Jennifer Doo

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Discrimintation

Human Rights #2...
No Discrimination
According to me, discrimination is...
..denying someone's right because of

they are,
they believe, or
they live their life.
Case Study
Bride Kidnapping
Case Study
Homosexuality Around the World
I wanted my father to help...
My name is Gulnisa
I was kidnapped by a co-worker. He told me he liked me, but I did not like him. One day he offered me a ride home. I went. However, he did not take me home. He took me to his house where his mother, aunt and grandmother were waiting. They locked me in a room and put a white scarf around my head. The white scarf meant I was their son's wife.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights--

Jennifer Doo

Human Rights belong to everybody despite our beliefs or differences.
Kyrgyz Republic
ala kachuu - to take
1 in 3 women in Kyrgyzstan

are taken from their homes and forced to marry men they have never met.
Case Study
-6 million Jews were targeted and murdered

He was a police officer. But he would do nothing. How could he? He had kidnapped my mother. I cried and cried. I could not tell my boyfriend. Everyone said it was the right thing to do. Now, two years later I have a two-year-old child with my co-worker who kidnapped me.
Gay Rights in Russia
Russian law says that it seeks to "protect the younger generation from ... of homosexual images". It says the "promotion" of homosexuality, including showing that gay relationships are normal, could harm children because they are not capable of critically assessing such information.
88% of Russians support anti-gay propaganda
Some say the Russian President created this law to distance himself from Western ideals.
Anne Frank
Anne Frank hid from the Germans with her family for two years during WW II.
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