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Christmas Around the World

Teaching k-2 about different ways people celebrate Christmas.

Angela Hemphill

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Christmas Around the World

Mexico Israel Africa Christmas
Around the World How does your family
celebrate Christmas? Feliz Navidad!Getting a great head start on the rest of the world, Mexicans start celebrating on December 16th.On Christmas Eve, kids can expect a visit from "el Ni-o Dios". The Holy Child brings gifts to the good girls and boys. Then on January 6, the three wisemen come to visit for "Reyes Magos". The Magi leave more gifts for the children, sometimes in their shoes!

Many Mexican families attend a midnight mass on Christmas Eve. The Birth of Christ is very much the central theme to the Mexican celebration, Families also celbrate by having a fiesta or party.
Christmas is a time of celebration and spending time with your family. Families decorate their homes with pine branches. Children hang their stockings up so that Father Christmas will come and see them. Families attend church together Christmas Eve and then celebrate together by eating with friends and family. They also go door to door singing Christmas carols to their neighbors. Kwanza is celebrated from December 26th thru January 1st. It is a celebration of family, culture, and community. A candle is lit for each of the seven principles of unity, self-detemination, work and responsibility, cooperative economics, prupose, creativity, and faith. Christmas time is very special in Bethlehem since this is the birthplace where Jesus is said to have been born.A large parade is held on Christmas Eve that leads to the place where Jesus is said to be born. Everyone decorates their homes and celebrates together. Jewish cultures celebrate Hanukkah during the months of November and December. It represents the redication of the Temple of Jerusalem. It lasts for eight days. Each night, a candle is lite on the Menorah. Families partake in food and give small gifts to each other each night.
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