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The middle colonies

No description

tristen cahall

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of The middle colonies

Although Quakers wanted their children to be able to read the bible, like other religious groups in the Middle Colonies,it was left up to the parents to decide how the child's educated. Boys might study classical languages, history, literature, mathematics, and/or natural science, depending on their social class. Girls rarely went to school and were often tutored at home in a variety of household and social skills. Economy The Middle Colonists exported wheat, barley, oats, and livestock to the Southern Colonies and the West Indies.
Used falling water to power mills, ironworks and other kinds of workshops.
They also made hardware, clocks, watches, locks, guns, glass, stoneware, nails, paper, rope, and cloth. Trade kept port towns bustling.
The imports they got from England were books, paintings, clothing, and furniture. Colonist in the middle colonies didn't have too many hobbies. One hobby the colonists did have was racing horses though. Colonial men also hunted (they thought of hunting as a relaxing sport). Children would put on puppet shows as a hobby also. Education Major Cities Some major cities/towns in the middle colonies were Philadelphia, Lancaster, New York city, Albany, Wilmington, Georgetown, Trenton, and Princeton. Philadelphia and Lancaster are in Pennsylvania colony. New York city and Albany are in the colony of New York. Wilmington and Georgetown were the two major colonies in Delaware. In the New Jersey the two major colonies were Trenton and Princeton. Hobbies Climate in the middle colonies were mild most of the year. This climate is good for rich soil and to grow crops. This climate gave farmers longer growing seasons and more plants to grow. Climate Population The Middle Colonies Living Conditions References Transportation Government : The Middle Colonists walked, rode horses, and rode boats to get from place to place. The government in the middle colonies was mostly made up of proprietors.
Proprietors- Proprietors were people who were given the right by british government to have the land and be in charge of it .
The only proprietor colonies in the middle colonies were New Jersey and Pennsylvania. www.ststephemcatholicschool.org/fall-web-project/sc-km/midcolssckm.htm
Pages #149-150 from the "Why We Remember" text book The Middle Colonists lived in houses made of wood or stone, but were made quickly to protect themselves from bad weather. Instead of large comfortable. Farmers spread out across the land, rather than follow the New England pattern of settling in towns. Religion The Middle Colonies' religions were very diverse. Most people belonged to religious groups with others that shared the same religion. Roman Catholics and Jews were two worshiped religions that were very unpopular at this time. The most popular was probably either Christianity or Puritanism. By: Charity York, Taylor Sandlin, Tristen Cahall, and Ryan The population in Delaware was 1,005.
New Jersey's population was 3,400 .
New York's population was 9,800
Pennsylvania's population was 680
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