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How did Germany deal with the Great Depression

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Jazmin High

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of How did Germany deal with the Great Depression

Thank You!
The Great Depression
The Great Depression was a global phenomenon. It did not only affect the United States, but other countries as well. The country I’m going to focus on is Germany. A major effect and response to the Great Depression was fascism and militarism in Germany.
Did they choose different leadership in Germany?
There was a major change in leadership in Germany, because of the Great Depression. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party took advantage of Germany’s current state. They promised to rebuild its military and restore the country’s economy. Hitler wanted to rebuild a Nazi government to replace the democracy. The German people were tired of being miserable and suffering. They were willing to listen to anyone and that included Adolf Hitler. When elections came around, Hitler stepped forward. Before you know, it became Nazi Germany.
The economy in Germany was vulnerable, because they were dependent on loans from America and foreign trade. The loans provided by America were helping the Germans rebuild their economy. When the time came, Germany couldn’t repay their loans. Some problems in Germany, because of the Great Depression, were workers were laid off, production levels lowered, banks failed, unemployment soared, and inflation increased. People went into poverty and were very miserable.
Did they start new programs to help during the Great Depression?
Hitler’s rise to power had a major effect during the Great Depression in Germany. He promised to create schemes to combat and help heavy unemployment through rearmament and machines. He promised to create profits for those people who owned their businesses. He also reestablished banks free of American loans.
The economic system. Did it change?
The economic system of Germany was very vulnerable and ruined. Germany depended on loans from America and couldn’t repay their loans. Unemployment soared in Germany during the Great Depression. The economic system in Germany was very rocky. While trying to regain full employment, they continued to suffer from lower wages. Nazi Germany had focused more on military dependence than the economic system.
Economy in Germany
How did Germany deal with the Great Depression
in Germany
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