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Strategic Management - Swarovski case

No description

Anna Lohner

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Strategic Management - Swarovski case

Executive Summary
- only high quality and expensive products,
- small target group

- widening range of customers
- implementation of cheaper products
Elevator Pitch
cope with different businesses & private persons
Jewelry, special products

luxury crystals
a "touch of glamour in every detail"

giving an extraordinary touch to ordinary things

widespread target group with cheaper products
Company mission and vision statement
Mission statement:
"We add sparkle to people´s everyday lives"
SWOT strategies
Strategic Plan

Ramona Hailer
Lenka Hrdlickova
Mathilde Orieux
Anna Lohner

Key performance indicators
Revenue from new products

Customer satisfaction and loyalty
Number of advertising campaigns
Number of visits/contacts with customers

Average development time of a new product
Average decision-making time

Marketing expenses per customers
Specific weight of new products in the total amount of products

Personnel turnover rate
Number of job applications
Long-term goal:

Double its business to around €5 billion by 2020.
Three major paths to achieve this objectives 1. organic growth
2. new internal brands
3. acquisitions

Short-term goals:

Next 6 months create cheaper products
One year from now-> new marketing campaign

Target Customer
- currently: high society wealthy people

- in the future:
wider target group
working people
mainly female
Industry analysis
At the moment the company is in transition phase of the Abernathy&Utterback Model
With our new product line we want to go back to fluid phase with a high product innovation
Competitive analysis & advantage
Few competitors
Luxury brand with high-quality and tradition
Create also figures and other rare products which makes company unique
Manufacturing Advantage
have patents for manufacturing of crystals
can produce nearly everything with this technique
shows the quality of the brand
different, elegant and plain
Have a really good Brand image
Marketing plan
Starting new campaign to introduce our new product line
Using social media
TV commercial
Billboards beside the roads
Working together with a celebrity to gain more awareness
Joint-ventures with Thomas Sabo, etc.
Financial projection
2013: € 3,02 billion
2012: € 3,08 billion
2011: € 2,87 billion

Until 2020 Swarovski Group they want to raise their yearly revenue to € 5 billion.
Risk: lose of loyal customers
Opportunity: gain new customers
Vision statement:
"Create a diamond for everyone"
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