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harmoni morganfield

No description

Stephen Spizarny

on 15 November 2017

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Transcript of harmoni morganfield

womens jobs in ww1
women have been envolved with the mitlitary for centuries. Even if women married to a soldier fighting they still followed the armies. Even though fighting in war was considered a mans job back then. Woman still helped by providing food, aid, and clean clothes.
womans jobs
because so many men left women became bus conductors, secrectaries, telephone operaters, office cleaners, shop
Edith Cavell
who she was
Edith Cavell was a British nurse that helped save lives on sides. After being arrested by German police she was sentenced death and was executed october 1915
after the war
back at home
Since all the men left to go fight in the war. when it broke out in 1914. Many jobs were open. The women who stayed took over the "male jobs"
woman in world war 1
After world war 1 was over the men came back to get their jobs back
Amy was one of the thousands of poeple who lost there job when the men came back from war ready to get their job back

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