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Chase Strupp F1 Middle Ages

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Chase Strupp F1 Middle Ages

Middle Ages (500-1400)
Chase Strupp F1: Music History--The Middle Ages
Gilles Binchois
Born: c. 1400
Died: September 20th, 1460
Location of Birth: Mons, Hainut (Belgium)
Location of Death: someplace near Mons
Instruments Played: only vocals
Guido de Arezzo
Born: c. 990
Died: 1050
Location of Death: Italy
Location of Death: unknown
Instruments Played: only vocals
Guillame de Machaut
Born: c. 1300
Location of Birth: Machaut, France
Location of Death: Reims, France
Instruments Played: Only vocals
Gilles Binchois Famous Peice of Music
1. Pitch 1. High
2. Tempo 2. Andante
3. Dynamics 3. Mezzo Forte
4. Timbre 4. Yellow, sunny,
Famous Composers from the Time:
-Gilles Binchois

-Guido d'Arezzo

-Guillaume de Machaut
Famous People of This Era:

-Charlemagne (742-814): considered “the Father of Europe” and reigned as King of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor.

-Urban II (1035-1099): best known today for launching the Crusades. Also, he was elected pope in 1088 and sparked many church reforms.

-Muhammad (570-632): Considered the final of a series of prophets sent by God in the Muslim religion.
Guido d'Arezzo Famous Piece of Music
1. Pitch 1. Low
2. Tempo 2. Andante
3. Dynamics 3. Mezzo Forte
4. Timbre 4. Dark blue,
cloudy, inspirational
(like vikings going
into battle)
Guillame de Machaut Famous Peice of Music

Quant en moy
Guillame de Machaut
Agnus Dei
Gilles Binchois
Ut Queant Laxis
Guido d'Arezzo
1. Pitch 1. High
2. Tempo 2. Allegro
3. Dynamics 3. Mezzo Forte
4. Timbre 4. Light green,
sunny, joyful
Similar Music from Modern `
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