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The Hero's Journey - Alice in Wonderland

No description

Tricia Holland

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey - Alice in Wonderland

The Hero's Journey Alice in Wonderland The Call Alice is called down into the adventure of slaying the monster, the Jabberwocky and defeating the evil queen of Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts, and freeing all of Wonderland from them. It is an accidental call because she did not mean to fall down the rabbit hole. The actual call was the white rabbit running through the garden talking. This sparked her curiosity, so she followed him as he led her to the Threshold. Threshold This is the boundary between the known and the unknown because it shows how she is entering a completely different world, Wonderland, than any one she has ever seen. Wonderland is so different because it has things that she never thought were possible, like talking animals, potion that makes you shrink, and her being a historical and prophesized hero. It also makes sense because she was following a rabbit. She may not have trusted it so much if it was an entrance out of place or something she did not recognize. She is taking a leap of faith by figuring that jumping down a hole would be safe since a rabbit just did the same thing. Guardian The white rabbit is the guardian because he did not show Alice the way to the rabbit hole until he was ready. He showed up just as she was running away from the confusing proposal of marriage she had just received. He is protecting her from that decision until she is ready. She first has to prepare herself for it by facing the unknown. The rabbit picks Alice because she is the one who is prophesized to slay the Jabberwocky, defeat the Queen of Hearts, and free Wonderland. The rabbit picks Alice because she is the one who is prophesized to slay the Jabberwocky, defeat the Queen of Hearts, and free Wonderland. By Tricia Holland Challenges Entering Wonderland Through the Door Alice is challenged because she has to figure out how use the Shrinking Potion and the Growing Cake to get through a door that was too small for her when she was at her normal size. This challenge was a success. Alice was able to figure out the correct combination of the cake and the potion while holding the key. She was able to unlock and fit through the door. Alice grows because she realizes that she must think more carefully about the situations she is in. She must think everything through before she acts. Alice learns that there are strange situations down in the Unknown. She will have to deal with them without really knowing what to do. Finding the Mad Hatter Alice must go find a stranger that supposedly will help her. But she only has a few strange characters that she does not know trying to help her, and she does not even know if she can really trust them. There are dangerous creatures all around that are trying to hurt her, like the Red Queen's soldiers and the Bandersnatch. This challenge is a success because Alice finds the Mad Hatter with only a few cuts on her arm. Although some of her guides are gone, she still made it. Alice grows from this challenge because she develops a trust in other people, or creatures, who she does not know. She accepts that they know more than her about this strange place she is in, and they only want to help her. Alice learns that Wonderland is very dangerous and she does not really know where she is. She learns that she is not in a dream and that everything that is happening to her is real. She learns that some people are trying to hurt her. Stealing the Vorpal Sword from the Bandersnatch Alice is challenged because she must steal the sword that will kill the Jabberwocky from the Bandersnatch. She must overcome her fear of the Bandersnatch for the greater good of the Wonderland society. The Bandersnatch is very scary because he is a giant creature that could easily hurt her. This challenge is a success because Alice retrieves the sword without being hurt by the Bandersnatch. She overcomes her fear of him. She realizes that the Bandersnatch is actually nice and he does not want to hurt her, so he lets her take the sword and heals the wound he gave her in the beginning of the movie. Alice grew because she developed a bravery that she never had before. She also was beginning to develop a feeling that things she used to think were impossible are actually quite possible. Alice learns that not everythign is as it seems. It seemed like the Bandersnatch was vicious and mean, but he was only doing what he was told to do by hurting her when she first arrived in Wonderland. He was actually quite nice to her when she went into his house where he guarded the sword. Helpers The Mad Hatter He tells Alice all about why she is in Wonderland and what she is supposed to be doing. He also helps her escape the Knave of Hearts and his group of men who are looking for her. He allows himself to be taken away to the Queen’s palace to be held so Alice can go free. He lets Alice know that she must steal the Vorpal sword and where she can find it. Bayard the Bloodhound He pretends he does not know where Alice is when the Knave of Hearts is looking for her. He takes her all the way to the Queen’s Palace. Cheshire Cat He takes Alice to the Mad Hatter after Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are taken away from Alice by a giant bird. He also saves the Mad Hatter from execution. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum They help Alice in the beginning of her search for the Mad Hatter. Also, when they see her at the Queen's palace, they do not tell the queen who she really is. Mentor The mentor is Absolem the Caterpillar. He offers the advice of finding out who she really is. He gives her the courage to go fight the Jabberwocky. He knows she is the real Alice and he knows that she has to find out who she is before she can kill the Jabberwocky, so he lets her know that in an indirect way, not telling her outright. He also helps her believe in herself. He wants Alice to prove herself and grow from a child to a grown woman. He tells her that she is "not hardly Alice," to try and convince Alice of who she is and how she must prove herself He also lets her know that she must fight the Jabberwocky. It is not only about Wonderland, but also about finding out who she is. He gives her new courage for fighting the Jabberwocky Abyss The abyss for Alice is before she fights the Jabberwocky. She realizes that she really has to do it and she truly is the Alice who must do it. She has to do it alone and the Jabberwocky could kill her. She is facing what she came down into the adventure for: her fear and growing up. She has to become a brave young woman to conquer her fear, and the Jabberwocky. She conquers the abyss by thinking about all of things she used to think were impossible and seeing that they are now possible. This event will show everybody that she truly is the Alice, because many people were doubting her. This challenge will test her fear to the limit. Also, this scene of the movie has a very dark and dangerous environment. Revelation Alice’s revelation is when she realizes that she truly can slay the Jabberwocky. She thinks of six things that she used to think were impossible. Five of them she already knows are possible now because they happened to her in Wonderland. But the sixth is “I can slay the Jabberwocky.” She is understands now that all of those other impossible things are true now, so the sixth one can also be possible. She understands that the rest of her adventure has been leading to this. She has grown up enough to conquer her fear. She believes in herself and knows that she can kill the monster and she truly is the Alice. Transformation Alice is now brave ready to kill the Jabberwocky. She knows that she can and will do it. This idea gives her a new courage, and she starts to fight with confidence. She faces the Jabberwocky, fights hard, and finally kills him with finality. One example of Alice's new behavior is how she starts to fight the Jabberwocky confidently. Before the revalation she was only trying to avoid him. She no longer has her fear. She also cuts his head off, killing him, even though earlier in the movie she told the Mad Hatter she would never kill anything, even if she had to. Atonement Alice is at one with herself now because she has done what she had to do and she has a new sense of purpose. She realizes that this has all happened for a reason. It happened for Wonderland and also for herself. Wonderland is now saved from the Red Queen and Alice has grown up and knows how and why she has to face her fears, including all of the people in her Known World. She knows how to overcome all of the problems these people are giving her, like a marriage proposal from a man she does not like and her mother bossing her around. Alice is also better now about telling people what she thinks and what she is feeling. When the Mad Hatter asks her to stay, she knows that she must tell him no. His request is similar to the marriage proposal because both are asking for a commitment from her. But when she was asked for marriage, she only ran away from the problem. She can now tell the Mad Hatter that she cannot stay. The Return Alice returns to the known world because she knows that she must take care of the problems she left there when she went to Wonderland. She has to tell the man who wants to marry her that it will not work, and she has to tell her mother to let her decide her own life. Alice returns to the known world by drinking the blood of the Jabberwocky. It can take her anywhere she would like. The people in Wonderland accept Alice as a hero because she killed the Jabberwocky and put the Red Queen out of power. They are now free. Alice is a hero in her Known world because she can tell everybody what she thinks, which it seems like was not very common during this movie. She is an independent woman, not a timid girl any longer. She can be someone others look up to. Other women who may not expressing themselves may follow her example. The Gift Alice bestowed the gift of freedom to Wonderland - freedom from the Red Queen. In her Known world, she gave the gift of her confidence and speaking her mind. Other people do not have to feel like she does not agree, but not know why she does not agree. She has a new wisdom that she can share with others. Both of the gifts Alice gives are abstract. Alice also receives the gift of not having to marry a man she does not like. She also has the freedom now to choose how she wants her own life to be like, and not have her mother tell her what to do for everything. This is an abstract gift.
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